Fody Frentsos ’84 – Littick Field

Fotios Athanasius Frentsos Jr. ’84, known as “Fody” to his friends, which is everyone he meets, considers himself a true Delaware townie in the best way. He and his seven brothers and sisters grew up in Delaware and all remain in the area. He was the first in his family to go to college, thanks to the encouragement of then OWU-basketball coach Gene Mehaffey, who saw 17-year-old Fody on campus for noon basketball every day and asked him if he wanted to go to school — he even said Fody could play basketball, baseball, and football. And Fody did, winning nine letters in the three sports. After graduation he stuck around, serving as an assistant football coach for 11 seasons, then transitioning to baseball full-time because the practice schedule allowed him more time to spend with his family. Now, in addition to his coaching duties, Fody is part groundskeeper, maintenance man, and general Mr. Fix-It for anything in athletics.

Take (care of) cover
When serving up batting practice to hitters, the L-screen provides Fody cover. It’s taken a beating through the years from comebackers and needs the occasional touch-up, including welding. Fody does not really know the fine points of welding, but does it anyway. “I’m not good at it, but I know how to put metal to metal.”
The good word on hand
Fody takes his Bible with him to games and turns to it often. “A lot of the kids that come in, they have many battles. I do use the Scripture quite a bit. I’m not saying it’s the fix, but it sure gives the baseline of a good trajectory when I start to speak to them.”
Hooping it up
Fody regularly checks the infield for “greenies,” weeds that crop up along the base paths. Weed killer would destroy the field, so he uses a “hoop” or stirrup hoe to cut weeds at the roots.
Fody can fix it
Fody has a small discretionary account at Hardware Exchange to buy parts or tools as needed, allowing the busy Building and Grounds Department to focus on bigger jobs. Everyone in athletics knows: “If you have a small need, call Fody. Some of the needs aren’t so small, but they’re cheaper because I work for free.”
Dirty work
Fody drives the Sand Pro to prepare the infield dirt. “It’s been a good feeling to be needed. My wife always says, ‘Fody, that’s your downfall, you like to be needed.’ ”
A tool for good
One of the benefits to taking care of the fields is that players always know where to find Fody. “It’s nice being here because if someone has a problem, they come here. You put a rake in their hand and they just start talking.”
Fody was a two-time All-Ohio Athletic Conference first baseman and set OWU career records in at-bats, runs scored, hits, singles, doubles, and total bases. On the hardwood, he set a school career record for field-goal percentage. He was inducted into the Ohio Wesleyan Athletic Hall of Fame in 1990. He now puts his experience to work as Bishops hitting coach.
He walks the line
Fody runs the chalk liner to get the fields ready for play.
The Frentsos-OWU Connection
Fody is married to Kelly Maxwell Frentsos ’86. They have six children — four boys and two girls — three of whom graduated from OWU. Although he’s had opportunities to be a head coach at other places throughout the years, a desire to remain near home and family always wins out. “I appreciate, always, the thought, but it’s hard for me to leave. I love Delaware. I want the kids to know there are good folks that come from Delaware. I challenge them all the time to talk to them, go meet a policeman.”

By Molly Vogel

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