Shake with that Cheeseburger?

Vintage photos courtesy of The Hamburger Inn

The Hamburger Inn, established in 1932, is much more than a well-known burger joint—it’s an Ohio Wesleyan student tradition that Ben Miller ’16 calls “the heart and soul of OWU.” Just as the Local Farmers Coffee Club gathered to share a cup of brew in 1944 (above), groups of friends today still go there to share coffee—and milkshakes! From left (below): Michael Durfee ’17, Miranda Ames ’16, Natalie Geer ’16, and Maha Shahid ’18. The restaurant underwent renovations in December 2013, in which the floors in the dining area and bathrooms were replaced and a new patio and two new bathrooms were built. Kitchen equipment was added and updated, the front windows were replaced, and new heating and cooling was installed. The front door and facade of the building were both restored to original condition. Despite all the spit and polish, however, these restorations don’t take away from the diner’s atmosphere, a proud tradition that has lasted 84 years.