Nancy Bihl Rutkowski – Student Involvement Office

Nancy Bihl Rutkowski is approaching 30 years with Ohio Wesleyan University and knows how to fill a need when she sees one. She created her current position of director of student leadership and involvement by taking components of her first job, director of Greek life, and adding parts of her time spent as the new student orientation coordinator. The job description she wrote for herself reflects her experience and passion for fostering leadership skills in the students she works with and teaches each day.

“Somehow, OWU just keeps getting better,” Nancy says. “OWU has always drawn students who care. I think we’re in great shape for the future.”

Nancy Rutkowski

Sisters for Life
Like Phoebe Bush ’18, Nancy is a sister of Delta Delta Delta. She joined because she liked the message of Tri-Delta to “be kind alike to all.”
Scrapbook Shoes
Alumna Whitney Weadock ’16 painted Nancy a special pair of TOMS shoes to commemorate her time as president of President’s Club. Different logos for clubs Nancy advises and a painting of the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center (where Nancy has worked since it opened in 1991) adorn the shoes.
Learn to Lead
Nancy holds seminars and classes that teach new leaders how to best fulfill their roles. “My mantra is that I want students to take care of themselves and be healthy before engaging beyond the classroom.”
I’ve Got a Golden Bishop
Every April Nancy organizes the Golden Bishop Awards, which celebrate student achievements throughout the year. “I go to the campus store and buy about a hundred bishops a year,” Nancy says. Sharma currently helps her coordinate the event and decorate the bishops.
Make the Connection
Nancy loves working with groups and one-on-
one with student leaders like Shashank Sharma ’17, her current intern. She has had a student intern every school year since 1998. “I have a ton of student contact with my job. That’s my favorite part,” Nancy says.
Advisers to the President
Nancy has advised President’s Club since 2008, when Rock Jones became president. Under Nancy’s and Rock’s guidance, the club has grown to 30 members, with Lee LeBoeuf ’17 as president.
Leaders Helping Leaders
Nancy created Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Fellowships. The Fellows, like Tyler Iffland ’17, help teach workshops for students who are new to leading clubs. “The feedback from students out in the world now is that it’s a very significant factor in getting the jobs they’re in,” Nancy says about LEAD.
The Welcoming Committee
Nancy also created the Orientation Team Leader position. Students like Emma Nuiry ’17 help freshmen adjust to college life.
Here’s the Plan
Nancy’s highlighters and black leather planner are never far from her reach. She’s got her priorities straight, though: “Someone with a problem trumps a long to-do list.”
What’s Happening this Weekend?
Nancy oversees the Campus Programming Board’s plans for events, as well as helping students like president Evan Hudgens ’19 set up, tear down, and publicize. “That’s a passionate, very dedicated group of students,” Nancy says.

Story by A.L. Davies ’19

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