Missed Opportunity to Remember

While I greatly enjoy the Magazine, I was somewhat disappointed in your Baby Boom generation article in the fall issue. The article mentions many important events, people and characters of the time, but I did not see any “In Memoriam” mention of the OWU students/graduates who served their country during the Vietnam Conflict, regardless of whether they volunteered or were drafted, and gave it their all, the ultimate sacrifice. An omission, and a sad one. Yet you did give editorial space to 15 students who protested, demonstrated against the war. Protesters are not always right ... they have a right to protest, but show some respect for others as well. Are those who fought not as important? What about the Vietnam Memorial? I guess Stokely Carmichael or the like is more important to this narrative.

George Aitken ’66, Colonel, USAF (retired)

Helping Dreams Take Wing

We read about Dr. Jed Burtt’s passing in the fall issue of OWU Magazine. His influence on our son, Corey, was instrumental in his love of birds. Corey is now in Florida working for Natural Encounters, which contracts with Disney World to train birds and put on the bird performances at Animal Kingdom. OWU gave him the confidence to grow into the man he is today, and Dr. Burtt gave him knowledge to build on. We thank him. We hope Corey passes on the pride and knowledge of his experiences at Ohio Wesleyan.

Glenn and Jo Derryberry

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