Practice Makes Perfect

Orchesis, an Ohio Wesleyan contemporary dance company founded in the 1920s, showcases original pieces by Ohio Wesleyan students and faculty. Vintage images of the group’s rehearsals, like this one from 1962 (above), show how forms of contemporary dance have changed over the years. From left, the dancers are Sue (Baldwin) Stroh ’65, Marilyn (Milliff) Parkhurst ’63, Mary Lou (Jones) Herrold ’62, Priscilla “Pris” (Rudick) Hurley ’62, Judy (Evans) Schaal ’64, Catherine “Cathy” (Hamilton) Pasternak ’63, Linda (Scillian) Lowery ’64, and Ann Alpeter ’62.

While final rehearsals are still held on the main stage at Chappalear Drama Center (below), what has also changed is the rehearsal space. Today the new Simpson Querrey Fitness Center is home to the 2,425-square-foot Jannuzi Dance Studio with seating (see Simpson Querrey: The New Face of Fitness). Dance major Alexia Minton ’18 says she is “ecstatic about the new dance studio because the improved space allows for so much more creative/artistic opportunities.” Production was in full swing for Orchesis 15/16, held November 13-15, 2015.