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Dr. Chad Johns '02, University Chaplain, and Khadija Adams '04, invite you to join them for a discussion on how religious faith informs the work for racial justice.

Khadija Garrison Adams '04, a proud New Orleanian, Black woman, wife, mother, nerd, and committed Christian. She takes great joy in using good words and better listening skills to illuminate the perspective of others.

Dr. Chad Johns is an alum from the class of '02 who studied psychology, physics, and astronomy at OWU before finding his way into theology and ministry. As a United Methodist, Chad promised as a young person in the church to "accept the freedom and power God gives [him] to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they may present themselves." As the University Chaplain at OWU, Chad continues to think about that promise and struggle with how religious traditions and theology can be used either to uphold and support oppression or to advocate for justice and change.