To help students and their families identify, understand, and effectively complete all OWU clearance requirements so they can arrive on campus ready and able to focus on the work of the semester on day one.

Fall 2022 Accomplishment Highlights

  • Started programming and development work on a redesign of the new student checklist.  The new tools will better support students and their families in identifying and completing essential tasks required for matriculation. The redesign will also allow for the creation of a new clearance dashboard. The dashboard will be available for campus stakeholders to monitor students’ clearance progress and status, by consolidating data from various systems of record within a single pane.

  • Further refined the new and returning student clearance item checklists and documented more definitive requirements for each. 

  • Identified 3 main subgroups of students to incorporate into the redesigned checklist system. The clearance tools are being developed with support for additional subgroups which may be defined in the future.

Aspirational Goals for the Spring 2023

  • Present a working checklist prototype to relevant campus stakeholders for review/feedback.

  • Begin a more in-depth communication audit around messaging to students regarding clearance (web site pages, New@OWU, individual office emails, etc.)

  • More deeply explore the possibility of moving up the date of new student registration in the summer. 

  • Create and update milestone clearance forms for both the Health Center and IOCP to better track required clearance items in the new dynamic checklist system.