It's thinking outside the box . . . and inside the clocks . . . and IT'S BACK!

With standing-room-only crowds back in the good old pre-COVID days, i³ has been one of the most anticipated events of the year at Ohio Wesleyan. Students select nine of their favorite professors to deliver lectures with ideas, insight, and imagination in only three minutes. The event is a showcase of great teaching and the breadth of expertise on the OWU campus.

With optimistic hope, we are planning to bring back i³ in all its glory in September 2021.

Voting is now open for the Fall 2021 i³ event. Voting will be conducted online, but we are planning for the event to be live and in person!

Please fill out your ballot and select the three OWU faculty who you want to see take the i³ challenge. The lineup of faculty presenters you select will be announced this summer.

Time and Date TBD