It's thinking outside the box . . . and inside the clocks . . . and IT'S BACK!

Coming in September 2021!

OWU students have spoken, and the lineup for the Fall 2021 i³ is set! In Spring 2021 voting, students elected the slate of nine faculty below to deliver 3-minute lectures with ideas, insight, and imagination.

  • Amy Butcher, English
  • Rich Edwards, Music
  • Shala Hankison, Zoology
  • Bob Harmon, Physics & Astronomy
  • Vanessa Hildebrand, Sociology & Anthropology
  • Craig Jackson, Mathematics & Computer Science
  • John Krygier, Environment & Sustainability
  • Brianna Mack, Politics & Government
  • Christopher Modica, Psychology

This will be the sixth year of i³ lectures and the first year with repeat presenters (Butcher, Hankison, and Harmon). The event will be held in September, and we expect standing-room-only crowds, as in the good old pre-COVID days, for this showcase of great teaching and the breadth of expertise on the OWU campus.

Time and Date to be Announced


To be Announced