It's thinking outside the box . . . and inside the clocks.

With standing-room-only crowds, i³ is one of the most anticipated events of the year at Ohio Wesleyan. Students select nine of their favorite professors to deliver lectures with ideas, insight, and imagination in only three minutes. The event is a showcase of great teaching and the breadth of expertise on the OWU campus.

2019 i³ Lineup

Mark Allison, English

i³ Lecture: Hitchhiking to Nowhere
“Nowhere has the best of everything—and it’s closer than you think.”

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Kira Bailey, Psychology

i³ Lecture: Your Brain Is Plastic
“Living your best life is just a matter of molding your brain.”

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Phokeng Dailey, Communication

i³ Lecture: He Calls Them Vermin and Rodents: Metaphoric Language in Political Communication

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David Markwardt, Zoology

i³ Lecture: 150 Candles on Your Cake: The Newborn Science of Longevity
“Will someone born in the next 30 years be alive to celebrate a birthday in 2200?”

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Stephanie Merkel, Comparative Literature

i³ Lecture: Just Add Magic: Recipe for the Russian Wondertale
“A story knows, but how clever is it?”

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Franchesca Nestor, Politics & Government

i³ Lecture: Why You (Should) Love Bureaucracy
“American bureaucracy isn't just a policy wonk’s red tape-laden snoozefest. Today, if you care about political outcomes, you must care about bureaucracy.”

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Pamela Pyzza, Mathematics

i³ Lecture: Relationship Advice from a Mathematician
“Relationships are complicated, and we can prove it with math.”

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Tim Roden, Music

i³ Lecture: Face to Face with Mozart
“Why should anyone listen to classical music?”

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Chris Wolverton, Botany & Microbiology

i³ Lecture: How Will Plants Grow on Mars?
“What will it take to grow plants on a world that’s 140 million miles away and has about 3/8 the gravity of Earth?”

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Thursday, September 19, 2019 | Noon - 1 p.m.


Benes Rooms
Hamilton-Williams Campus Center