It's thinking outside the box . . . and inside the clocks . . . and IT'S BACK!

Returning for it's sixth year, i³ is coming back this fall! Mark your calendars for noon Oct. 3, 2022, in Gray Chapel. Boxed lunches will be available for students following the event.

Presenters this fall will be:

Laurie Anderson, Biological Sciences
What Plants Know

Amy Butcher, English & Creative Writing
In the Extinguishing of a Spirit, Our Responsibility to Ignite a Light

Bob Harmon, Physics & Astronomy
Dark Matter and the OWU Connection

Vanessa Hildebrand, Sociology & Anthropology
Identity Building in Daily Practice

Craig Jackson, Mathematics & Computer Science
How to Build Everything from Nothing

Sarah Kaka, Education
To Protect Democracy, First Save Teaching

Brianna Mack, Politics & Government
What's a Mob to a Politician

Antron Mahoney, Africana & Gender Identity Studies
Leadership Is Not Enough: The Need for Justice-Oriented Relationships

Christopher Modica, Psychology
Tolerating Uncertainty: What OCD Can Teach us about Facing the Unknown

Julide Yazar, Economics
Think Backward to Move Forward

Noon on October 3, 2022


University Hall’s Gray Chapel
61 S. Sandusky St.
Delaware, OH 43015