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September 19, 2019
Noon - 1 p.m.
Benes Rooms

David Markwardt, Zoology

i³ Lecture: 150 Candles on Your Cake: The Newborn Science of Longevity
"Will someone born in the next 30 years be alive to celebrate a birthday in 2200?"

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Franchesca Nestor, Politics & Government

i³ Lecture: Why You (Should) Love Bureaucracy
"American bureaucracy isn't just a policy wonk's red tape-laden snoozefest. Today, if you care about political outcomes, you must care about bureaucracy."

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Chris Wolverton, Botany & Microbiology

i³ Lecture: How Will Plants Grow on Mars?
"What will it take to grow plants on a world that's 140 million miles away and has about 3/8 the gravity of Earth?"

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February 29, 2024, 11 a.m.


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