Phokeng Motsoasele Dailey

Assistant Professor of Communication


Ph.D., Communication, The Ohio State University (Specializations: Health Communication; Interdisciplinary Global Health)

M.A., Communication, The Ohio State University

B.Sc., Education, Ohio Dominican University


Dr. Dailey is an assistant professor of communication at Ohio Wesleyan University. She is originally from Lesotho, a small country entirely land-locked by South Africa. Her program of research covers issues pertaining to health disparities among immigrant, refugee, and other minoritized populations in the areas of sexually transmitted infection (STI), cancer prevention and cancer treatment decision-making. Her work has primarily been focused on assessing the  role of culture, identity and social norms in health decision-making.

Dr. Dailey has conducted invited talks with physicians and other health care providers specializing in pediatric and adolescent medicine at both Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Franklin County Public Health Department (Columbus, OH) regarding effective strategies for increasing adolescent HPV vaccination and asthma control compliance among parents. She also received top paper awards for her work on cancer clinical trial decision-making among rural, Appalachian patients, caregiver involvement in patient cancer treatment decisions, and parental decision-making about the HPV vaccine among Somali parents. Dr. Dailey currently teaches Health Communication, Communication Theory, Media Effects & Society and Introduction to Organizational Communication.

Prior to making the decision to enter the academy, Dr. Dailey worked in visual merchandising, creative branding, marketing and PR. She has technical experience with  copywriting, and the use of emerging technologies in creative messaging and/or corporate branding.


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