JOUR 101. Introduction to the Mass Media (Staff)
This course introduces students to the mass media—what they are, how they operate, what role they play in our lives, their history, social effects, and current practices. Subjects covered within this survey course may include: the development and history of mass communication, books, magazines, newspapers, film and motion pictures, the audio recording industry, radio, television, cable, satellite, new communication technology, advertising, and public relations. This course is not required of majors. (Group I)

JOUR 110. Fundamentals of Journalism (Brown)
An introduction to the field of journalism with emphasis on writing and reporting news stories, including elements common to all journalistic writing and fundamentals of both newspaper and broadcast news writing. Students write regular laboratory assignments in class. Prerequisites: C- grade or higher in ENG 105 or course waiver and word-processing skills. F, S. (Group I, Writing)

JOUR 250. Radio Production (0.5 unit; Ingles)
Students learn how to use audio and sound to create interesting and high quality radio programming. This course covers the basic techniques involved in radio production including interviewing, recording, writing skills for radio, producing, editing, and vocal delivery. F, S.

JOUR 341. Journalism and the American Landscape (Kostyu)
People and events have contributed to the development of America’s free press. Emphasis is on acquainting students with the heritage of the news media and relating that heritage to the political, social, economic, and technological development of the United States. F. (Group I, Writing)

JOUR 350. Data Journalism and Media Ethics (Kostyu)
Exploration of advanced reporting techniques used to cover government, business, non-profit organizations, and human interest stories. The emphasis is on computer-assisted reporting, qualitative research skills, public records work, and the human side of news coverage. The course involves reporting, writing, and the study of ethical decision-making. Exercises in writing, interviewing, and observation are included. Writing-intensive course. Prerequisite: C- grade or higher in JOUR 110 or its equivalent. F. (Group I, Writing)

JOUR 355. Editing and Design (Kostyu)
Techniques of editing for the news media. Includes editing copy, writing headlines, integrating photographs and art, designing pages for print and Web, and packaging the news. Some laboratory work on the student paper is required. Intensive in-class lab work. Prerequisite: C- grade or higher in JOUR 110 or its equivalent. S.

JOUR 370. Media Law (Kostyu)
Legal considerations in journalism and related fields. Subjects include free press issues, the law of libel, privacy, access to information, journalists’ relationship to the courts, and the regulation of broadcasting and advertising. F. (Group I, Writing)

JOUR 378. Campus Internship (0.5 unit; Kostyu, Ingles)
Work in news, advertising or design for The Transcript. Graded based on performance. No more than 1.5 units of credit may be earned from any combination of courses in JOUR 378 and JOUR 379. Prerequisite: C- grade or higher in JOUR 110 and consent of the instructor. F, S.

JOUR 379. Off-Campus Internship (0.5 unit; Kostyu)
News work, including writing news releases, for professional organization. Requirements: A) students engage in news work; B) students complete 200 hours during the summer, 150 hours during the academic year; C) students obtain a letter from supervisor stating that they performed work satisfactorily and worked at least the required number of hours; D) students submit a self-evaluation of their work. No more than 1.5 units of credit may be earned from any combination of courses in JOUR 378 and JOUR 379. Prerequisite: permission of department chair. Graded satisfactory/no entry.

JOUR 381. Digital Media (Brown)
Telling stories through and on a variety of platforms that go beyond traditional newspaper text. It includes writing, video, audio, photo and graphics, and story mapping. Students conceive, develop, and create a storyboard for a news project that will be produced over the course of a semester using three components—writing, visuals, and info-graphics. Prerequisite: C- grade or higher in JOUR 350. S. (Group I, Writing)

JOUR 382. Special Topics in Journalism (0.5 unit; Staff)
Techniques in specialized areas of journalism. F, S.

JOUR 384. Column and Editorial Writing (0.5 unit; Brown)
Advanced and specialized work in commentaries, editorials, and reviews. Material includes critical analysis, research, and persuasive development of thought. F. Prerequisite: C- grade or higher in JOUR 110.

JOUR 385. Feature Article Writing (0.5 unit; Brown)
Advanced and specialized work in the development of long-form presentations for newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. Prerequisite: C- grade or higher in 110 F.

JOUR 386. Experimental Topic (Staff)

JOUR 490.* Independent Study (Kostyu)
Special individual projects. Prerequisite: consent of instructor, written proposal of project, and approval of department chair. F, S.

JOUR 491.* Directed Readings (Kostyu)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor, written proposal of readings, and approval of department chair. F, S.

JOUR 495. Apprenticeship (Kostyu, Ingles)
On-Campus. Transcript or OWU Radio managers. Regular meetings with faculty and other leadership staff. Graded based on performance. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. F, S.

JOUR 499. Senior Seminar (Kostyu)
Current issues involving the media. Prerequisites: JOUR 370 for majors and consent of instructor for non-majors. S. (Writing)

* Course must be approved by the department chair. It is the responsibility of the student to develop a written proposal with his or her faculty member for the chair to review.