We tested all OWU students as they returned to campus this fall, and we will continue testing students each week throughout the semester. Test results will be posted here and will be updated by noon each Monday through Thanksgiving week.

Every week, OWU is testing about 200 students from two categories.

  • First, we are testing a random sample of students from the overall campus population. 
  • Second, we are conducting targeted testing, which includes symptomatic students and a targeted sample of students participating in campus activities that may pose a higher risk.

The overall positivity rate, along with the positivity rate for each of these groups, is listed in the chart below.

Week 5 Student COVID-19 Testing (through 9/17/20)

Tests Performed 240
Overall Positivity Rate 3.75% (9 positive/240)
Random Testing Positivity Rate 0.98% (2/215)
Targeted Testing Positivity Rate 20.0% (7/35)
Students in Campus Isolation 9/21/20 16
Students in Campus Quarantine 9/21/20 41
Students in Off-Campus Isolation 9/21/20 2
Students in Off-Campus Quarantine 9/21/20 23
September 14 Update

As a result of the tests the week of September 3-10, we have suspended practices for 14 days for three athletic teams and have reminded all students of safe campus practices. Athletic teams are close-knit groups, and we believe the spread of the virus among some groups of student-athletes is due to activities off the field, such as shared dining. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will take further actions if the positivity rate remains high in this category.

Week 4 Student COVID-19 Testing (through 9/10/20)

Tests Performed 200
Overall Positivity Rate 9.0% (18 positive/200)
Random Testing Positivity Rate 2.73% (3/110)
Targeted Testing Positivity Rate 16.67% (15/90)
Students in Campus Isolation 9/13/20 12
Students in Campus Quarantine 9/13/20 36
Students in Off-Campus Isolation 9/13/20 11
Students in Off-Campus Quarantine 9/13/20 19

Week 3 Student COVID-19 Testing (through 9/3/20)

Tests Performed 188
Overall Positivity Rate 1.60% (3 positive/188)
Random Testing Positivity Rate 0% (0/76)
Targeted Testing Positivity Rate 2.68% (3/112)
Students in Campus Isolation 9/4/20 5
Students in Off-Campus Isolation 9/4/20 4
Students in Campus Quarantine 9/4/20 31
Students in Off-Campus Quarantine 9/4/20 6

Week 2 Student COVID-19 Testing (8/28/20)

Tests Performed 8/26/20 188
Overall Positivity Rate 2.13% (4 positive/188)
Random Testing Positivity Rate 0% (0/84)
Targeted Testing Positivity Rate 3.85% (4/104)
Students in Campus Isolation 8/28/20 4
Students in Campus Quarantine 8/28/20 14

Week 1 Student COVID-19 Testing (through 8/20/20)

Total Tests 1,323
Negative Results 1,300
Positive Results 23
Positivity Rate 1.74%
Students Placed in Campus Isolation* 18
Students Placed in Campus Quarantine** 46

*Students go into isolation if they have tested positive. If students choose to isolate from home, they are not included in the "Students Placed in Campus Isolation" count.

**Students go into quarantine if they have been exposed to someone who tested positive. Students placed into quarantine will be there for 14 days if they are officially quarantined by the Delaware General Health District. If students choose to quarantine from home, they are not included in the "Students in Campus Quarantine" count. The total includes students who have been subsequently released from quarantine.