Victoria King Heinsen '70 released her fourth book, Robbie F. Woods, Entrepreneur. Both this book and the previous one, Jessica F. Woods, Attorney of Record, present major characters who have graduated from OWU. As they travel life's roads, they do their best to overcome whatever obstacles life throws at them. Victoria appreciates the worlds about which she writes because she has encountered similar obstacles herself. She has great compassion for her characters, among them several Delta Gammas and Phi Delta Thetas. Victoria continues to teach writing and research at Bowling Green State University. She lives in Dublin, OH, with her husband and cat, both of whom sometimes play roles in her books. (12/23)

Geoffrey Greif '71 was named Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, where he is a member of the faculty at the School of Social Work. His 16th book, to be published by Oxford University Press, is a coedited textbook on group work. (7/24)

Amy McClure '72 was appointed to the board of trustees of the Martha Kinney Cooper Ohioana Library Association by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. After serving OWU for many years, Amy is professor emeritus of education. (7/24)

Robert Chrane '73 was honored as a 2023 Tech All-Star by Mortgage Bankers Association. He is the founder and CEO of Down Payment Resource, a technology connecting homebuyers with homebuyer assistance programs. The Mortgage Bankers Association's Tech All- Star awards are presented to individuals who deliver impactful contributions to the mortgage industry. (12/23)

Jim Breece '74 is working to catch up on travel missed during COVID. In the past year, he has visited five countries in Asia, spent New Year's in Paris, and made multiple stops to Florida in early 2024. Jim is retired but very active in the Asian art market. With four smart and handsome grandkids, his only complaint is about his poor golf score! Jim is pictured above with his wife, Susan, at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. (7/24)

Reflections on an OWU Friendship

In 1971, an aspiring musician/songstress from Marion, OH, and an aspiring elementary school teacher from North Attleboro, MA, set off on a roommate adventure beginning in Stuyvesant Hall.

They bonded over purchasing orange and pink print sheets and navigating a new world, balancing studies and socializing. Neither will forget the midnight ride on our bikes, nightgowns tucked into jeans, to buy "study snacks" at the U.S. Store—the first of countless antics over their three years as roommates.

Stephanie Weiser Henkle '75 (pictured right) and Jane Devoe Eastep '75 (left) became close friends through their shared experiences at Ohio Wesleyan. They pledged the same sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, along with third roommate, Ellen (Seaver) Eveland. Ellen and Jane attended Stephanie's performances as her biggest fans, learning about classical music along the way. During their junior year in Smith, Stephanie and Jane's shared study area was inundated with children's books when Jane took a children's literature class, some of the same books they now read to their grandchildren.

After graduation, both earned master's degrees and pursued the careers they had planned. Jane returned to Massachusetts for her teaching career, eventually working for Teaching Training Together, which led to frequent trips to guide teachers in Haiti.

Stephanie's singing career led her to perform throughout the United States and Europe in operas, oratorios, and solo recitals. She retired from Denison University after 15 years on the music faculty.

For the past 53 years, Jane and Stephanie have played important roles in each other's lives, sharing joys and sorrows. Recently, they spent a pajama-party-type week in Columbus, meeting up with Ellen and laughing like the young women they still are deep inside.

Driving to OWU on one of those days, they were pleased to see not only amazing improvements on campus, but also the preservation of beautiful buildings they loved as students.

Those years at Ohio Wesleyan formed their professional selves through both the rigor and freedom of a liberal arts education. They formed their social and empathetic selves through life together on campus and formed a lasting friendship.

Cheers to the Class of '75!

– Written by Stephanie Weiser Henkle '75 and Jane Devoe Eastep '75 (7/24)

Terry Repak '75 published the book, Circling Home: What I Learned By Living Elsewhere, which details the adventures and challenges of finding home and a career in countries as diverse as Ivory Coast, Tanzania, and Switzerland. While her husband directed AIDS projects in east and west Africa, she worked as a freelance writer and raised two children. Her memoir spotlights the struggles and lessons in her journey as an expat. Terry has worked as an investigative reporter, editor, television producer, and freelance writer. She lives in Seattle and has an author website at

Agnes Haigh Widder '75 retired from her humanities bibliographer librarian position at Michigan State University Libraries in July. She had worked at Michigan State since 1979. (12/23)

Robert Bauter '76 was presented the New Jersey Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services Career Department Lifetime Achievement Award in November at the National Conference on EMS in Atlantic City. He has been involved in EMS for 44 years, the last 36 as a paramedic, and served in clinical leadership positions for large paramedic agencies since 2004. Robert coauthored multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented pre-hospital clinical research projects at national conferences. He retired from active EMS service in July 2023. (7/24)

Roger Brigham '76 (left) received the Tom Waddell Award from the Federation of Gay Games at Gay Games XI in Guadalajara, Mexico, in November (presenter is FGG Co-President Sean Fitzgerald). The Waddell Award honors outstanding volunteerism and service to the games' values of participation, inclusion, and personal best. Brigham led successful efforts to reform the FGG membership structure and develop more inclusive anti-doping policies; pioneered the idea of kinesiological diversity in sports programming; founded Equality Coaching Alliance; won two Gay Games golds and one bronze in wrestling; and has coached the last three Gay Games. He is a member of the LGBT Sports Hall of Fame and won of the Wrestlers WithOut Borders Lifetime Achievement Award. (7/24)

Gary Patzke '76 published a new action-adventure novel, Racing the Dream, under the pen name M.T. Bass. His 12 novels span genres from mystery to techno-thriller. (7/24)

Juanita Stormes '76 joined Judicate West, a leading provider of private dispute resolution services in California, as a mediator, arbitrator, and private judge. For 23 years, Juanita served as a federal magistrate judge in the U.S. District Court in San Diego, including five years as the presiding magistrate judge. (7/24)

Eddie Edwards '77 was elected chairman of the finance committee and vice chairman of the executive committee in the Shawnee State University board of trustees. (7/24)

Kathy Mandusic Finley '77 published the book My Three-Legged, One-Eyed Therapist: How My Cat Clio Saved Me, exploring the story of how a spunky kitten helped Kathy face life's challenges. Published by Purdue University Press, the book received praise from nationally recognized authors, plus three awards in the 2023 International Firebird Book Awards. Learn more at (7/24)

A group of 28 OWU of Phi Kappa Psi alumni from class years 1979-82 came from 16 states to meet at the Boathouse of George Sehringer '79 in Bay Village, OH, sharing camaraderie, laughs, memories, and fun. From left, front, Bob Pulitzer '81, Steve Kjelmann '82, Andrew Dunn '79, Jeff O'Sullivan '81, John Green '79, John Hunger '80, Bill Potter '81; back, George Sehringer '79, Bob Fishman '79, Charles Murphy '79, Jim Wagner '80, Robert Trask '80, Peter Tunkey '81, Tom Kane '81, Mark Rodan '80, Brian Cruse '80, Bob Buzzanco '82, Sam Adams '82, Jim Newman '80, Brad Clippinger '82, John Whitaker '81, John Berger '81, Blair Woodring '82, Greg Altznauer '81, Les Kaciban '80, Dave Griffin '80, Joe Angel '79, and Rob Shaw '79. (12/23)

Guy VanHorn '79 received his master of science in foods and nutrition from the University of Georgia. Guy volunteers his service to community organizations fighting for food security, nutritional adequacy, and local food systems to benefit neighborhoods in need. (12/23)

Julia Barnes-Weise '79 moved her research from academia to a nonprofit global health company, Global Healthcare Innovation Alliance Accelerator, in 2017. GHIAA creates resources, curates information, collaborates with stakeholders, and provides consulting support related to equitable, global access to medical products. Understandably, she was busy during the height of the pandemic. She and her husband have three adorable, young grandchildren. (7/24)

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