Cute Wedding

OWU friends reunited to celebrate the wedding of James and Rebecca Cute in Providence on Sept. 11. Pictured from left: Bill McLaughlin ’74, Bill and Wendy Hamilton Cute ’73, Jon Davies ’71, Chris Parianos Davies ’73, Larry Robb ’73, and Jan Ferrara Robb ’72. (12/21)

Frissora-Gruden Wedding

Anne Frissora ’14 and Wes Grunden were married March 19 in New Albany, OH. From left: Mackenzie Pederson ’14, Meg Greff ’14, Erica Sachs ’14, Lauren Salustro ’14, Kelly Maier ’14, Sadie Skarsten ’14, bride, groom, Ford Milligan ’15, Rachel Parfenchuck ’14, Hillary Fowler ’14, Antonio Romanelli ’20, Sam Felhaber ’14, and Nick Felhaber ’15(12/22)

Hollabaugh-Serbanoiu Wedding

Sara Hollabaugh Serbanoiu ’17 and Mike Serbanoiu ’15 were married Sep. 5, 2020, and held their in-person celebration with family and many OWU friends Oct. 9, 2021. Pictured from left: Madeleine Juszynski ’18, Kelly Johnson ’16, Andrew Wallace ’14, Ashkan Molaei ’15, Austin Viny ’14, Ibrahim Saeed ’15, Paul Heithaus ’18, groom, Ben Farynowski ’17, Jennifer Ripper Lothstein ’14, Caroline Hamilton ’17, Tyler Wake ’16, Hannah Urano ’15, Brittany Spicer ’16, Chase Leaders ’15, Daniel Thornton ’16, Philippe Chauveau ’15, bride, Kyle Hendershot ’15, Alexander Lothstein ’15, Memme Onwudiwe ’15, Sarah Connelly ’17, Meghan Finke Farynowski ’16, Martha Hardy ’69, and Dominique Garrett ’18 (5/22)

Janowicz-Swary Wedding

Lauren Janowicz ’15 and Seth Swary ’14 were married Aug. 7, 2021, in Traverse City, MI. They met at OWU in August 2011, marrying 10 years later. Pictured: top row from left: Tyler Swary ’13, Natalie Reddy ’17, Nazar Zhdan ’14, Megan Dill ’15, Kathleen Sloan ’16, Ryan Ossenbeck ’15, John Wainwright ’16, Lucas Janowicz ’17, Jonathan Valentine ’14, David Mogilnicki ’16, Justin Segal ’14, Darcy South (friend of OWU), and Daniel Blanchard ’16. Second row: Taylor Weis ’16, Kylea Davis ’15, Kevin De La Cruz ’15, Caroline Bonee ’16, Ellin Youse ’15, Cheyene Gibbons McBride, Morgan McBride ’15, Brandon Henderson ’16, Allison Greeley ’18, Tyler Sheetz ’13, Mariah Konrath ’16, and Jane Suttmeier ’15. Two front rows: bride, Elise Pitcairn ’15, groom, Kelsey Caspersen Muzynski ’15, Haley Schafer Henderson ’15, Maria Urbina ’15, Patricia Ryan ’16, Zain Khan ’15, and Daniel Rohrer ’15. (5/22)

Martin-Bludevich Wedding

Ryan Martin ’05 and Zoë Bludevich were married at the ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT on July 9. Back from left: Jay Vidovich ’82, Julie Bamford Vidovich ’87, Drew Kaszubski ’05, Rob O’Grady ’07, bride, groom, Jo Ann Bamford Martin ’79, Jay Martin. Front from left: Paul Smith ’03, Craig Neal ’07, Kyle Martin ’09, Peter Pak ’90. (12/22)

McNaughton Wedding

David McNaughton ’10 and Katie White were married on July 17 in Dennisport, Mass. L-R: Tommy Crabill ’09, Jake Meiser ’10, TJ Trigg ’09, Hallie McNaughton ’05, Caitlin McNaughton ’16, David McNaughton ’10 (groom), Jill Haddock McNaughton ’70, Katie McNaughton (bride), Emily Steger ’09, Mary Grimm ’09, Jessica Kleinman ’09, Blake Pifer ’10, Dan Conroy ’10, Yessica Arriaga, and Brandon Luttinger ’10. (12/21)

Mondon-Coburn Wedding

Christifer “Hooch” Mondon ’15 and Halie Coburn were married June 5, 2021 in Mechanicsburg, OH. From left: Alexis Natola, Dave Mogilnicki ’16, Jeffrey Rothenberg ’16, Zane Keifer ’16, Stephanie Rozsa ’16, bride, groom, Robby Rinehart ’15, Tatiana Haddad ’17, Nate Goodhart ’16, Jonathan Valentine ’14, Darcey South, Lauren Swary ’15, Seth Swary ’14, Maggie Lapolla ’16, Ron Jon Rinaldi ’15, Brok Gould, Kayla Gould. Also in attendance: Caitlyn Kennedy ’15. (12/22)

Palmer Wentz-Cunningham Wedding

Zibbi Palmer Wentz-Cunningham ’99 was married July 30, 2021, at the Columbus Museum of Art in Columbus, OH. Pictured from left: Paul Palmer ’96, Denny Cole ’99, Beth Chase Morrison ’99, Tim Schindler ’20, Rob Richards ’77, Peter Cunningham ’01, Andrew Cunningham ’99, Cynthia Richards Cunningham ’75, bride, Steven Cunningham ’75, Anmarie Sorrentino Shipps ’99, David Shipps ’99. Missing from photo: Carl Palmer ’64 and Tom Palmer ’69. (5/22)

Thomas-Turgeon Wedding

Rick Thomas ’64 and Nancy Nibbelink Turgeon ’64 were married April 23 in Buffalo, NY, after having lost their spouses to cancer. By happenstance, Nancy’s sister, Jean Cioffi, lived next-door to Rick and his former wife, Julie, in Washington, D.C. After Julie’s death last year, Jean reconnected the fellow OWU English majors. They are dividing time between Nancy’s Williamsville, NY, home and Rick’s Virginia residences. The only woman ever to run her own advertising agency in Buffalo, Nancy now writes children’s books. Rick publishes Thomas Voting Reports, founded in 1973, and the new nonprofit U.S. Congress VoteFacts. (12/22)


Ron Talley ’90 and Lia Talley welcomed Noah on Sept. 25, 2021. Ron moved from Ohio to Garland, TX, in June 2019, where he soon met Lia, and they married July 3, 2020. (5/22)

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