Meet the Rose Family

Asher ’23, Clelia '19, Cindy, and Louis Rose. Lou and Cindy have been supporting OWU Annual Giving programs since 2015. As an OWU student, Clelia majored in English. She was active in Delta Gamma and Hillel. Asher is a current OWU student, plays varsity soccer, is in Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, and is majoring in HHK and History. Dr. Louis Rose is Executive Director, Sigmund Freud Archives; Professor Emeritus, Modern European History, Otterbein University. Dr. Cynthia Laurie-Rose is a professor of experimental psychology, Otterbein University.

What leads you to volunteer your time so generously on behalf of OWU?  We enjoy speaking with parents of prospective students. We try to convey that OWU not only offers an outstanding education to their children but also welcomes parents themselves to participate in the life of the university.

What is the impact you want to make/you have seen through giving back to OWU? We’ve been deeply impressed by OWU’s philosophy that the liberal arts provide not only a means of self-education but also a sense of belonging to the wider community.  We’ve tried to contribute in some way to that sense of community by joining the Parents' Council to support OWU financially because of its commitment to sustaining the liberal arts tradition in higher education.

What do you cherish most about being parents of a current OWU student?  It has pleased us as parents to see how our own OWU students have expanded their independence and sense of self-direction. They developed new intellectual and professional goals through their OWU education and found ways to fulfill those goals through experiences made possible by OWU. Such experiences have included a professional writing workshop, an internship at a classic film theater, an opportunity to teach in the Early Childhood Center, and the chance to coach club soccer.

What is the favorite OWU event to attend/favorite OWU experience for you? In our daughter’s case, one of our favorite experiences was to read in OWU’s literary magazine her first published essay and in the following year to see her name among its editors.  In our son’s case, it was to be in the bleachers for his first OWU soccer game and to watch his interests expand across several areas, including public health and historical studies.