A Perfect Pairing: OWU and JP Morgan Chase

What do peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, Superman and Lois Lane, Nutella and well, anything, and Paida Saburi '02 and Ohio Wesleyan have in common? They are all magical pairings, and in the case of Paida and OWU, they can even change lives. 

Paida Saburi '02, VP Risk Data Management Lead at JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) in Columbus, Ohio, was instrumental in coordinating the career trek for 16 OWU students at JPMC. Through this experience, not only was a new partnership between JPMC and OWU born, but Paida was also able to engage eight alumni.

The career trek immersed students in activities designed to ignite their career aspirations, and the day commenced with a tour of JPMC, followed by a session exploring potential internship and rotational program opportunities, and round-table networking discussions. 

The day's highlight was a panel discussion featuring OWU alumni sharing their corporate experiences. Luisa Duarte '26 shared, "Listening to OWU alumni talk about their careers was a truly valuable experience. We received firsthand insights from recruiters about the company and its summer internship programs. Hearing about the company's culture, values, and commitment to excellence reinforced my interest in pursuing a career in finance."

Paida's desire to connect to OWU students and increase alumni engagement and connections made this event possible. "I've noticed that as a firm, we are missing out on great talent from small liberal arts schools like Ohio Wesleyan," Paida shares. "I've always been passionate about giving back to the school that gave me a remarkable education and, as an International Student, gave me the tools to succeed. OWU, Career Connections, and the Woltemade Center have done a fantastic job providing opportunities for students to set them on the right path to success. My heart was full at the end of the day. This program was such a success."

The career trek at JPMC is an amazing example of how alumni partnership and engagement benefits students and engages alumni. Interested in hosting a career trek at your company or volunteering for Ohio Wesleyan? Let us know