Ohio Wesleyan University now offers a unique giving opportunity for alumni and friends: the Donor Advised Fund Program at OWU. Think of a Donor Advised Fund as a charitable checking account with an investment component. Set up a Donor Advised Fund at Ohio Wesleyan with an initial gift of $10,000 or more, secure your tax deduction and then decide the timing of your grants from the fund to charities of your choosing, all the while those charitable dollars in your fund are invested and allow the fund to grow.

Why with us?

Because OWU matters to you! We partner with The Columbus Foundation, the seventh largest community foundation in the country, to offer top-notch administrative services that are responsive to donor needs. There are nine investment options available through Vanguard from which donors may choose to allocate their accounts. If the Donor Advised Fund has a balance of $50,000 or greater, there is the possibility that the donor’s financial advisor could select the investment mix and manage the investment side of the account.

We are committed to helping you achieve all your philanthropic goals. While of course we hope you keep OWU top of mind as you make charitable grants through your Donor Advised Fund, you can also make grants to any approved 501(c)(3) charity.

How does it work?


Establishing a Donor Advised Fund requires a first contribution of at least $10,000. After the fund is established, gifts in any amount from anyone can be donated to the fund. All gifts to your Donor Advised Fund are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law and are receipted by The Columbus Foundation.


Choose your investment vehicles from available options and watch your charitable dollars grow!


When you’re ready to support Ohio Wesleyan and your other favorite charities, simply log on to your account and make recommendations. You can recommend grants to charity from the Donor Advised Fund in amounts of $250 or more. Grants are processed within 5-10 business days of the recommendation. Note that a Donor Advised Fund is not able to make payments on a legally binding pledge to charity.

To learn more, contact Jenny Batchelder at 740-368-3043 or by email at jajoerge@owu.edu.


What Assets may be contributed to my fund?

Donor Advised Funds can receive gifts of cash, appreciated securities, real estate, closely held stock and other assets. There are heightened tax advantages to gifts of appreciated securities: avoid capital gains tax and deduct the full amount of the stock and the gains, not just what you paid for it.

What impact can I have with my donor advised fund?

Your Donor Advised Fund is a great way to make the gifts you would anyway on an annual basis to the causes you care about. Simply recommend grants to the charities you support when you typically would write a check, and the Donor Advised Fund takes care of the rest.

Donor Advised Funds are also a great vehicle to make an impact gift—one that can really shape the course of Ohio Wesleyan or another charity.

How can I check on my donor advised fund?

Don’t worry about keeping track of gifts to different charities and the accompanying documentation. The Donor Advised Fund manages all of your giving from one account. You can log in online at any time to check the status of your account, recommend grants and re-allocate investments.

How are the funds invested?

Once the Donor Advised Fund is established, the funds are invested with the Vanguard family of funds, among nine options chosen by you. This allows for the possibility of the fund to grow beyond just your contributions to it—all tax-free.

When should I consider starting a donor advised fund?

Planning for your charitable giving during retirement? Consider setting up the Donor Advised Fund just before retirement, so you can secure the charitable deduction during peak earning years and then use the account to make gifts during retirement. If you received a bonus at work, an inheritance or another windfall, you may have a tax bill coming your way. Contribute funds to a DAF to secure your charitable income tax deduction now.

Can I involve my family?

Donor Advised Funds can be a great way to involve your family in the charitable decision-making process. You can even pass your Donor Advised Fund account onto your children so that they inherit the family’s legacy of giving.