Every gift sustains Ohio Wesleyan’s insatiable spirit. We offer a wide array of giving opportunities to suit your philanthropic plan and financial situation.


Monthly Gifts

A sustaining monthly gift provides ongoing support for the purpose or purposes you choose. Sustaining gifts can be established with a credit card or through an electronic funds transfer (EFT) in the amount and duration of your choice.

For more information about these programs, contact 740-368-3315 or email advancementoperations@owu.edu

Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. The impact of your gift to Ohio Wesleyan may be doubled or possibly tripled. Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

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Arranging a Matching Gift

To arrange for a matching gift, submit the request via your employer’s online matching gift portal, or complete a hard copy form and mail it to University Advancement.

Stock Gifts

Gifts of highly appreciated stock can hold significant financial benefits for you, while fulfilling your philanthropic goals.

Eliminate Federal Tax

Giving stock eliminates the capital gains tax that would otherwise be due had the stock been sold. Additionally, you are eligible for a charitable income tax deduction of the full fair market value of the stock, rather than the purchase price. For more information about a stock gift, call 740-368-3318 or email pdeyerma@owu.edu.

Charitable IRA Rollover gifts

Congress has made permanent a provision allowing individuals 70 1/2 and older to send gifts from their IRAs directly to charities.  Making a gift using the Charitable IRA Rollover can make an excellent gift vehicle, providing distinct tax advantages.  Visit the IRA Charitable Rollover page for more information, or contact Jenny Batchelder at 740-368-3043 or by email at jajoerge@owu.edu.

Note: If your IRA administrator has given you a “checkbook” from which to make Charitable IRA Rollover gifts, these checks must be received and deposited by OWU before year-end. For these types of gifts only, the postmark date is not determinative for tax purposes, rather it is the date of deposit.

Gifts of Other Assets

Real estate, collectibles, and other assets can often be advantageous assets to donate to Ohio Wesleyan University. To learn more about how these assets can help fulfill your philanthropic plan, contact Jenny Batchelder at 740-368-3043 or by email at jajoerge@owu.edu.

Donor Advised Funds or Family Foundation

Making a philanthropic grant to Ohio Wesleyan University from your Donor Advised Fund or Family Foundation is a great way to support OWU. To learn more, contact the organization where your Donor Advised Fund is held or call Jenny Batchelder at 740-368-3043 or by email at jajoerge@owu.edu.

Ohio Wesleyan University has a Donor Advised Fund Program. A Donor Advised Fund serves as a philanthropic checkbook with an investment component that can allow your charitable dollars to grow.  Working in partnership with The Columbus Foundation, the nation’s seventh-largest community foundation, OWU offers our alumni and friends the opportunity to establish their own Donor Advised Fund to support Ohio Wesleyan and other favorite charities. To learn more, contact Jenny Batchelder at 740-368-3043 or by email at jajoerge@owu.edu.

Estate Gifts

There are many ways to support Ohio Wesleyan as part of your estate plan.  From leaving a portion of your estate in your will to a specific fund, to establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity and receiving lifetime income, an ideal option exists for your financial situation.  To learn more, contact Jenny Batchelder at 740-368-3043 or by email at jajoerge@owu.edu.