When the Boomers Hit OWU

When a tsunami called the baby boom generation began hitting Ohio Wesleyan in 1964, our University would never be the same.

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Sidebar: OWU – Changing Times (PDF)

Preserving a Paradise: The OWU Connection

Lush forests, gorgeous blue sky, crystal-clear ocean, tropical birds—Amy Work ’04 is teaming up with OWU geography faculty and students to preserve Costa Rica’s rich environment.

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A Launching Pad for Writers

Prize-winning authors Amy Butcher, David Caplan, and Robert Olmstead lead Ohio Wesleyan’s creative writing program, carrying on a rich OWU tradition in the literary arts.

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Sidebar: OWU Professor Inspires #Emoji Feminism

On the cover: From 1964 to 1969, changes nationally and on OWU campus defined the emergence of the baby boom generation. Cover collage by Bill Walker.


Leader’s Letter

Times of Transformation in ’60s and Today



From the JAYwalk

Step 1: Get a Quill Pen. Step 2: Be a Genius.

Students Love Summertime Classes To-Go

New Ross Director Begins Dream Job

Art Project Now Rings on Historic Campus

OWU Timescapes

OWU Women in Science

Gifts and Gratitude

Legacy of Letters

A Winning Spirit

Bench Dedications Honor Scott Sommer ’73, Brandon Bell ’06

Comfort Zones

Bob Gitter: Supplying Great Teaching

Bishop Battles

LAX Bishops Head to the Hall of Fame

Alumni Profiles

Building the Future: Randall “Rand” Griffin ’66

A Great Day: 2016 Alumni Awards

Raising Awareness: Meggie Feran Sexton ’06

Alumni Happenings

Alumni Weekend ’16 Highlights

Class Notes

Fall 2016 Class Notes

Fall 2016 Class Notes Photos

A Circle of Friendship Through the Decades: Phyllis White O’Reilly ’46, Joanne Lawrence Root ’46, and Virginia “Ginny” Bagley Helschman ’46

Alumni Trustees

An SAE Mini-Reunion

Water for People: William Day ’93

Restoring the “Rolls Royce of Bicycles”: Diana Johnson Galante ’03

In Memory of Professor Jed Burtt

The Final Word

The Day After: An Adaptation of the 2016 Commencement Address by Gregory L. Moore ’76

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