Widely published and collected, Dwight Hiscano '85 has been shooting professionally for nearly 40 years. His photographs have appeared in The New York Times, Black and White Magazine, Nature's Best, and Nature Conservancy Magazine and have been featured in group and solo exhibits including the Nature's Best exhibit at the Smithsonian, the National Geographic sponsored International Mountain Summit in Italy, the Capitol Rotunda, and Ohio Wesleyan's Richard M. Ross Art Museum.

His Gower Gulch, Death Valley photograph was recently published by National Geographic in Wie Sie die Berge Noch Nie Gesehen Haben (Mountains as You've Never Seen Them), a collection of mountain landscapes published in Germany. His prints are held in numerous collections around the world.

A lifelong conservationist, Hiscano has served on the boards of several conservation organizations in his home state of New Jersey, and he has volunteered hundreds of hours and raised thousands of dollars for charities and conservation efforts.

Reflecting on this OWU Magazine assignment, Hiscano says, "Despite the challenges—crowds, wind, 90-degree heat—this was a fun assignment and a great opportunity to meet fellow OWU alumni, an interesting and inspiring group of people who couldn't have been more patient and accommodating. I was also able to visit some NYC landmarks that I've never been to before—CUNY's campus, the Little Red Lighthouse under the GW Bridge, and Bushwick's famous graffiti!"

When he finished the shoot with Peter Reveles, Hiscano says he "wandered the streets of Bushwick, marveling at all the graffiti that I had heard about countless times, but never had the opportunity to see in person.

"I grabbed a few interesting abstracts and then noticed this down near street level, possibly an artist's signature. I'll never know, but I took it as a good sign."