Engagement ‘show and tell’

Kieran Robertson, Anna Massara ’18, and her students.

When the time came for Kieran Robertson to propose to his girlfriend Anna Massara ’18 in December, Robertson colluded with Massara’s class of third-graders to ensure everyone got points for participation.

Robertson also enlisted Massara’s school principal and a fellow teacher at St. Peter Catholic School in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, to surprise her on the last day of class before winter break. Her students, who already knew the Navy man Robertson from community events like Veterans Day presentations, were crucial co-conspirators.

“Because this is my first class I’m teaching out of college and he’d already established a relationship with them, it was perfect for me,” Massara says.

The principal distracted her by calling her to the school office, claiming Massara needed to fill out an emergency medical form before the end of the year. Upon returning, Massara found her 12 students and Robertson holding up signs spelling “Will you marry me?”

“I had no idea. They tricked me!” she says. “It was only about 9:55 a.m., and the students were so excited and kept talking about it the rest of the day. We are from a small town of Upper Sandusky, and it was very special to us all.”

Both Massara and Robertson graduated from Upper Sandusky High School in 2014. They connected after Robertson was honorably discharged from the Navy while Massara was a senior at OWU. “And of course when he proposed, I said yes,” she says.

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