The OWU Connection is an interdisciplinary introduction to a lifetime of learning. Faculty created the comprehensive program to give students the broad-based knowledge, global skills, and real-world experience that will help them become leaders who can tackle tomorrow’s most important challenges. To prepare students for the world beyond OWU, through The OWU Connection students are encouraged to integrate knowledge across disciplines (Think Big); build a diverse and global perspective (Go Global); and practice the application of knowledge (Get Real Experience).

The University continues to develop new OWU Connection internship, research, and travel opportunities for students, and most of the new majors incorporate such experience in their graduation requirements.

Jadé Giordani ’17 used a Theory-to-Practice Grant through The OWU Connection to travel to Tanzania in the summer of 2015 to study the culture and health care complexities of the Maasai people.

The first-year seminar UC 160 “The OWU Experience” is an important step in a successful first year of college. Not only does the course introduce students to The OWU Connection, it also provides an early opportunity for community-building within the small classes. In recent years, retention of students who took the course was consistently higher than for those who did not. In 2014, retention was 12 percent greater for UC 160 students than non-UC 160 students. This year, for the first time, UC 160 is required for all new students, and administrators are hopeful that will lead to more students returning for year two and, eventually, graduating.

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