“Soy Based Consumer and Industrial Products: Research Opportunities for Chemistry and Biology Students”

Most people think of tofu when they hear soybeans. Soybeans, however, play a significant role in the development of innovative green and sustainable industrial and consumer products. Many of today’s products are being produced using petrochemicals and some of them are toxic and lead to huge health concerns. Airable Research Lab is addressing this challenge by integrating soy-based feedstocks and green chemistry principles. In this lecture, you will hear how newer soy functional materials are helping to address consumer concerns including the removal of bisphenol-A from food packaging, the removal of toxic phthalates from children’s toys, use sustainable materials in building and Oil & Gas applications. I will also highlight recent research contributions from two Ohio Wesleyan students Josh Queener and Kaytlin Ward.

Ram Lalgudi is an inventor and CTO of Airable Research Lab.