A distraction-free home base is crucial for successful online learning.

It's still possible to stay organized in uncertain times, and OWU is here to help you do so. Check out these recommendations for clear communication, top-notch organization, and maximum productivity. 

Technical Resources

Need assistance? You can reach Information Services by phone at (740) 368-3120, by text at (740) 844-3520, or by email at helpdesk@owu.edu.

OWU students have access to the Microsoft Office productivity suite for free. Follow the instructions here to install Office on your device.

Students in need of WiFi may be eligible through Spectrum or Comcast Xfinity. For questions, call Spectrum at (844) 488-8395 or Xfinity at (855) 846-8376.

Verizon and Sprint customers are also eligible for benefits.

Stay Organized

Organization and time management are just as critical online as in the classroom. Keep track of your assignments and prioritize deadlines using a planner, to-do list, or Google Calendar.

Make sure you're allowing yourself plenty of time when working on important assignments and exams. You'll want to be safe in case of technical issues.

Make sure you understand the schedule and expectations for your virtual classes. Check for syllabus updates, and contact instructors with any questions the syllabus doesn't answer.

Manage Your Environment

If possible, create an environment that mirrors where you studied on campus - for example, a desk in your room or home office.

Select a space that is comfortable, but allows you to stay focused. Avoid high-traffic areas and noisy spaces. Eliminate distraction using Do Not Disturb mode for iPhone and Android.

Maintain a schedule for your day with specific times devoted to studying, class participation, and calling into live Zoom broadcasts or Google Hangouts. This is especially beneficial if you also have a job.

Communicate Often

Blackboard is more important now than ever. Check the site daily for course updates, assignment deadlines, and messages from your instructors.

Academic resources and assistance is still available through the Sagan Academic Resource Center. Make an appointment via Google Hangouts, and check out their in-depth remote learning success guide here.

When in doubt, reach out - faculty and staff are here to help during this new normal.