We hope that your remote classes are progressing well and that you and your family are staying safe and healthy. We know this is a difficult time for many of you and that you have questions pertaining to your senior experience. Below, are some FAQs and answers from the Senior Class Council and their advisors.

As always, feel free to direct additional questions to classof2020@owu.edu.


When is commencement?

There is no date determined for commencement. The timing of a large mass gathering will continue to depend on Federal and State regulations. Commencement is such an important event in the lives of students and their families. We plan to give everyone a month's notice and to create lots of other fun things to do when our seniors and families return to campus to celebrate our Class of 2020.

Who is making all these decisions?

The Senior Class Council, SCC advisors, and other University leadership are in constant discussion about different opportunities to celebrate the class of 2020. 

Who should I contact about ideas and other questions? 

Please reach out to the Senior Class Council at their cover email, classof2020@owu.edu. An advisor or member of SCC will connect with you.

Will there be a keynote speaker?

There will be a speaker. The keynote speaker is a staple and meaningful part of the commencement ceremony. Senior Class Council is working through the logistics of how a speaker will be selected.

Cap & Gown

Your cap and gown can be reserved by contacting bookstore@owu.edu and picked up from the Campus Store closer to Commencement. 

Cap & gown is free for dues-paying seniors. You can purchase them for $37.50 if dues were not paid. 


The decision to refund yearbooks was not taken lightly. The yearbook is a wonderful tradition and memento of your time at Ohio Wesleyan.

Due to a decline in yearbook sales this year, the cost of production also outweighed fees collected for the book.

The Senior Class Council is looking into virtual opportunities, such as a digital book, virtual time capsule and more. Once there is more concrete research, we will follow up regarding an alternative yearbook.

Opportunities to Engage & Support Each other

Are we having a reunion?

Our heart aches for the loss you are feeling. It is normal to feel a sense of grief for those lost weeks of your senior year. We want to help.

Different departments across campus are rallying together to share ideas on ways to connect and reunite the class of 2020. Senior Class Council is also thinking of new ways to support and move forward together as a class.

We want to be thoughtful and considerate of everyone’s schedule and travel ability to return to campus. At this point, we are in the early stages of discussion for on-campus engagement opportunities.

Please continue to share ideas on the types of events and engagement opportunities you would like to have with the Senior Class Council, (classof2020@owu.edu). 

Countdown to Commencement - Wednesday, April 22

Countdown Commencement is being converted to a virtual senior check-in day to ensure that you are ready to graduate. 

Visit the 'Countdown to Commencement' tab for more information on how to participate.

Senior Class Dues & Gifts

Senior Class Dues will not be refunded, other than the $40 for those who purchased a yearbook. The rest of dues will be supporting Commencement week and weekend once we have a date. 

Please visit owu.edu/2020gift to make your senior class gift and for additional information, including a message from the Senior Class Council. 

Your gift:

  • Directly increases the value of your degree through the U.S. News & World Report
  • Helps support student scholarships for your friends & future Bishops
  • Helps cement your legacy in the Class of 2020, as all participating seniors will be recognized in the donor section of the Commencement program

Senior Class Participation Gift ($5) - Help boost OWU’s rankings in U.S. News and World Report. The percentage of alumni who give back to their alma mater (not the amount of the gift!) positively impacts a school’s ranking. This affects the value of your degree as you’re searching for a job and pursuing higher education. We invested four years of our time, dedication, and money into OWU--now it’s time to make it count!

Senior Class Gift ($20.20) - Honor the Class of 2020, receive a senior philanthropy cord for commencement, and have the opportunity to share your appreciation of a member of OWU’s faculty or staff community

Senior Leadership Gift ($50) - Lead the charge to be invited to a special donor dinner closer to commencement and recognized as a Leadership level donor in the Commencement program.

Senior Gratitude Gift ($100) - Show your gratitude for your OWU experience to be invited to a special donor dinner closer to commencement and recognized as a Leadership level donor in the Commencement program.

We understand that these are uncertain times for everyone, including your families. Any amount you’d feel comfortable giving would be greatly appreciated.

Check back soon for more information.

We hope you and your families stay well during this time.