As OWU, we are a community built on authentic, ongoing relationships. We aim to provide a culture in which everyone benefits from respect, support, and inclusion.

OWU Guiding Principles

As members of the OWU community, we ...

  • Value the interests and concerns of all members of our community.
  • Honor the commitments we make.
  • Respect and appreciate every person.
  • Demonstrate excellence by doing our best in all circumstances.
  • Support others by listening, being accessible, and providing timely responses.
  • Solve problems through positive, engaged interactions.


OWU Community Standards

Standard 1

I take pride in being a valuable member of the OWU community and represent the University appropriately at all times.

Standard 2

I start from a position of “How can I help?” I am respectful, authentic, and empathetic. I provide assistance and collaborate with others to resolve issues.

Standard 3

I take responsibility for supporting the mission and goals of the University and my department. I make decisions within my expertise and authority, and entrust everyone to do the same.

Standard 4

I understand the importance of clear, transparent, and regular communication. I commit to sharing and receiving information appropriately.

Standard 5

I recognize and value diversity and inclusivity within the OWU community.

Standard 6

I adapt and continue to learn as OWU evolves to meet ever-changing needs.

Standard 7

I protect the privacy and security of confidential information and assets. I take appropriate action to mitigate risk to the University.