Have you ever wondered where the name for Smith Hall came from, or how long Ohio Wesleyan has been holding Mock Presidential Conventions? Heritage Day Celebrations have helped the Ohio Wesleyan Community learn about these and other important aspects of our abundant and diverse history.

Heritage Day has been celebrated on or as close as possible to November 13th to commemorate the first day of classes in 1844. This unique and enriching event has served as a testament to the plentiful history of Ohio Wesleyan and the passion that many share for this incredible University.

The Celebrations

Year Theme
2016 “Where Three Roads Meet: Knowledge, History, and Fun”
2015 “Nobelest Achievements: Environmental Echoes of Sherwood Rowland”
2014 “No Higher Honor: A Half-Century of Celebrated Teaching Faculty”
2013 “Not Four Years But For Life: Celebrating 160 Years of Greek Life”
2012 “If These Walls Could Talk: Tales of Living, Learning, and Lifelong Friends”
2011 “Day of Service: A Fountain of Good in the World”
2010 “Stand and Be Counted: Risking It All for the Stage”
2009 “The Mock Presidential Convention: Celebrating Civic Participation at OWU”
2008 “Loyal Hearts Sing: Music, Mission, and Memories”
2007 “Celebrating the Liberal Arts at Ohio Wesleyan: 100 Years of ΦΒΚ”