Have you ever wondered where the name for Smith Hall came from, or how long Ohio Wesleyan has been holding Mock Presidential Conventions? Heritage Day Celebrations help the Ohio Wesleyan Community to come together to learn about these and other important aspects of our abundant and diverse history. Each year a new topic is celebrated bringing together faculty, students, staff, and friends of the University through the Heritage Day committee. The committee works throughout the year researching and orchestrating a day-long event, which will inspire and enlighten us all to the wonders of Ohio Wesleyan.

Heritage Day is celebrated on or as close as possible to November 13th to commemorate the first day of classes in 1844. This unique and enriching event is a testament to the plentiful history of Ohio Wesleyan and the passion that many share for this incredible University.

Please feel free to explore our The Celebrations page to learn about our past celebrations and how you can participate in this year’s event, Nobelest Achievements.

This Year’s Celebration

Friday, November 13, 2015