The intellectual vitality of the Ohio Wesleyan University campus is shaped by the faculty and staff, the curriculum, and the preparation of students who choose to enroll at Ohio Wesleyan. With the benefit of bold new initiatives that connect theory and practice, substantially increase the opportunity for international experiences, and enhance campus life, we will increase the academic profile of OWU students. We will maintain our historic commitment to providing access to an affordable education for all qualified students and to building a student body that reflects the full diversity of the larger society from which our students come and in which our graduates will live and work. We will improve retention and increase the percentage of OWU students who ultimately complete a degree.

New Student Profile

The development of the new OWU curricular plan and a thriving co-curricular program, including the creation of a dynamic sense of community at OWU, will improve our ability to attract the best students and increase the intellectual vitality of the campus.

Specific objectives include:

  • Maintain stable on-campus enrollment of 1,850 students
  • Increase academic profile by elevating mean SAT scores
  • Increase academic profile by enrolling more domestic students from top 10 percent of their graduating class

Diversity, Access, & Affordability

A diverse faculty, staff, and student body create a dynamic atmosphere for learning on a university campus. Ohio Wesleyan University is particularly interested in a student body that includes racial, ethnic, national, and socioeconomic diversity. We also seek to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming and affirming of all students, faculty, and staff. To achieve this diversity, Ohio Wesleyan University implements programs that ensure accessibility and affordability for all academically qualified students. Further, OWU implements programs designed to attract a diverse workforce reflective of the larger world in which we live.

Specific objectives include:

  • Increase enrollment of domestic students of color
  • Maintain an international enrollment equal to 10 percent of total enrollment
  • Meet the full need of Pell-eligible students by 2014
  • Increase grant funding for middle-income students
  • Create competitive grants to provide financial assistance for students in off-campus programs
  • Create hiring processes and personnel and benefit policies that build an intentionally diverse workforce

Student Success & Satisfaction

Ohio Wesleyan University believes that every student who is admitted to the University has earned the opportunity to complete an OWU education and receive an OWU diploma. We will establish initiatives to improve student satisfaction and success and to increase the percentage of OWU students who complete their OWU degrees.

Specific objectives include:

  • Increase freshman-to-sophomore retention
  • Increase four-year and six-year graduation rates