Many of the natural science classes at Ohio Wesleyan visit these areas regularly as part of the laboratory experience. Laboratory classes engage in a wide variety of projects ranging from surveys of microbes, plants, fungi, invertebrates, and birds, to carrying out experiments designed to test specific hypotheses about natural ecosystems. In addition, many students in Botany-Microbiology, Chemistry, Geology, and Zoology receive course credit for conducting independent research at the preserves.

Classes in the following OWU courses regularly use the preserves:

Department Course
Botany / Microbiology BOMI 103 Practical Botany
BOMI 104 Field Botany
BOMI 110 Environmental Plant Biology
BOMI 125 Introduction to Microbiology
BOMI 190.6 Freshman tutorial
BOMI 200.1 Ethnobotany
BOMI 285 Biology of Fungi
BOMI 300.6 Plant Responses to Global Change
BOMI 334 Plant Communities and Ecosystems
BOMI 490 Independent Study
Chemistry CHEM 490 Independent Study
Geology GEOL 111 Field and Laboratory Geology
GEOL 345 Geological Techniques
GEOL 490 Independent Study
Zoology ZOOL 115 Animals and their Environment
ZOOL 311 Invertebrate Zoology
ZOOL 313 Entomology
ZOOL 341 Ornithology
ZOOL 490 Independent Study

Note: This list may not include all courses that use the preserves.

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