You can learn how to use Ohio Wesleyan's Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope! Take a deeper look into BOMI/Geol/Zool 318!

Students will learn the theory of scanning and transmission electron microscopy while also applying practical electron microscopy techniques such as sample preparation (gold coating, cryo preparation, critical point drying), cryogenic freezing, electron dispersive spectrometry (elemental analysis), and variable pressure microscopy.

Each student chooses samples to work with to explore the techniques. BOMI 318 requires two papers discussing the samples, techniques used, and problems encountered with imaging. Two presentations are required, giving the students a chance to explain their papers in greater detail. A laboratory practical at the end of the semester is another course requirement.

The Instructor

Dr. Tuhela-Reuning uses this class to teach undergraduate students of all majors how to use the scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM). She loves to help others examine their samples and create a variety of interesting topics for semester projects.To contact Dr. Tuhela-Reuning, call 740-368-3511 or email her at