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High School Senior Referral Form
Transfer Student Referral Form

The Office of Admission welcomes referrals by OWU alumni who you feel would be a good match for the OWU family. If the student referred by OWU alumni applies, is admitted, and enrolls, they will receive a $4,000 OWU Alumni Referral Award ($1,000 per year)!

The deadline to refer is May 1 of the student's senior year of high school.

If you have any questions or issues completing these forms, please contact the Office of Admission at or 740-368-3020.

Frequently Asked Questions About Student Referral

How do I refer a student?
Complete this form (if the student you are referring is a high school senior, they must be referred by May 1 of their senior year.)

What information do I need to provide about the student in the referral?
Required information includes the student's first and last name, email, gender, high school graduation year, and high school name.

How old does a student need to be in order to be referred to Ohio Wesleyan?
As long as the student is in high school they can be referred to OWU. We also welcome transfer student referrals!

Is there a limit to how many students I refer?
Not at this time. Refer away!

Can I refer a student who is already admitted? Deposited? What is the deadline to submit a referral?
Yes, you can refer a student who has been admitted to OWU or who has submitted their enrollment deposit, as long as you complete the form before May 1 of their senior year.

Can I refer a student who is already enrolled?
No, you are not able to refer a student who is already enrolled at OWU.

Can I refer a student if I haven't yet graduated from OWU (I'm a current student)?
No, since this is an "Alumni Referral Award" only alumni can refer future bishops.

Can a student receive more than one Alumni Referral Award, if referred by more than one alumni?
No, each student can only receive one Alumni Referral Award, regardless of the number of referrals they receive.

Is the Alumni Referral Award stackable on top of other scholarships?
Yes, the student receiving the Alumni Referral Award ($1,000 per year) is able to combine it with other scholarships.

Is the Alumni Referral Award renewable for all four years? Is the student required to meet particular criteria (like a minimum G.P.A.) to have the award renewed each year?
Yes, the Alumni Referral Award is renewable for four years, providing a maximum award amount of $4,000. There is no minimum G.P.A. requirement to receive the award renewal each year.

Why was the Alumni Referral Program established?
The Alumni Referral Award opens up the opportunity for all OWU alumni who want to contribute by nominating outstanding students who are within their families, peer groups, and communities.  You'll hear us reference "Alumni Referral" because we know our dedicated alumni take pride in referring all prospective students to OWU.

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