Feature Story

‘A Continuous Self-Improving Individual’

March 28, 2016 – by Cole Hatcher

Dominic Wilson ’16

Senior Dominic Wilson to Host Snapchat Takeover

Ask senior Dominic Wilson what he’s most proud of regarding his time at Ohio Wesleyan, and the Houston, Texas, resident says: “The relationships and conversations I have had over the past four years.”

Wilson, who will be taking over the taking over the University’s Snapchat this week, says his OWU experience has been filled with faculty, staff, and friends who “have helped shape and mold my actions and intellect, which allowed me to become a continuous self-improving individual.”

And the list of those supporting him is long, Wilson says, including Dr. Alice Simon, economics; Terree Stevenson, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs; Dr. Sean Kay, politics and government; Sally Leber, Office of Community Service Learning, Chaplain Jon Powers; coaches Keith Rucker and Pat Delaney; Dr. Ashley Biser, politics and government; Big E; and Dr. Jenny Holland, politics and government.

A Battling Bishop football player, Wilson is a politics and government major and a Spanish and management economics minor. In addition to athletics, his OWU experience has included tutoring and mentoring elementary school students as part of the Columbus Initiative, serving as a member of the Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs (student government), and participating in both Black Men of the Future and the Student Union on Black Awareness (SUBA).

For soon-to-be college students seeking advice about the transition, Wilson is ready and able to help. His advice for Bishops to come after him includes:

“Know your syllabus. Have a great connection with faculty and staff, especially with your academic advisor. Trust your instincts. Be not afraid to challenge yourself or others.

“You are going to reach a low point during your college career, and that is expected and OK,” he continues. “College is made to make you independent and self-sufficient. It is about the overall story, not just one chapter.”

As for his story, Wilson describes himself as spontaneous, intellectual, and humorous. He adds that his favorite place on campus is the House of Black Culture and that he hopes to use his education to help address issues of global poverty.

Add ohiowesleyan on Snapchat to see “exactly what being at a liberal arts institution consists of in a day in the life of Dominic Wilson,” he says.

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