Feature Story

Bowling for Fun and Funds

November 22, 2013 – by Josie DiNovo ’17

Bowlers and non-bowlers had fun as they raised funds for a worthy cause. (Photo by Josie DiNovo ’17)

Eight groups took part in this year’s Bowling for Kids’ Sake event. (Photo by Josie DiNovo ’17)

With bowling shoes on and bowling balls in hand, Ohio Wesleyan students and staff participated in the annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake fundraiser on November 15.

Ohio Wesleyan’s Bowl for Kids’ Sake raises funds for the local branch of Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

“In the past, we have raised between $4,000-$6,000,” said Sally Leber, director of Community Service Learning and Ohio Wesleyan coordinator of this year’s Bowl for Kids’ Sake. “Every penny of it stays locally,” Leber said.

The service office has not yet counted the total money raised for this year.

“They raise a majority of their funds from this event,” said Anthony Peddle ’14, Chi Phi member. His fraternity’s national philanthropy project is the Boys’ and Girls’ Club, but as Delaware does not have a chapter, OWU’s Chi Phi chapter works with Big Brother, Big Sisters.

Bowlers and non-bowlers had fun as they raised funds for a worthy cause. (Photo by Josie DiNovo ’17)

To participate in the event, teams of five people raised at least $125, Then the groups bowled three games during the event, and the money was donated to Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

“Bowl for Kids’ Sake is a really fun event,” said Peddle. “I enjoy it, not just because of being an emcee at the event, but as someone who has bowled before,” Peddle said.

The money from this event goes directly to support Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Funds raised help keep the program running. Big Brothers, Big Sisters must run background checks on the mentors to ensure that they are providing children with a good, safe mentorship.

Participating this year were OWU groups and members of the Delaware community. “Buildings and Grounds employees are always big supporters,” Leber said. Peddle shared that some people come dressed in costume and “totally gear up for this thing.”

Fraternities such as Fiji and such organizations as the Newman Catholic Community bowl in the event to help raise money.

“We’re trying to do things that are for love, and anything that helps people is something that we want to be part of,” said Peter Reveles,’14, president of the Newman Catholic Community. “Bowling for Kids’ Sake does that, so we want to support it.” Eight groups participated in this year’s event.