Bradford Milligan Hall is a 124-bed senior-student apartment building that offers four-, six-, and eight-bed units. It will be dedicated Oct. 1 during Celebration Weekend. (Photo by Pirlo Soe ’21)

Bradford Milligan Hall

Ohio Wesleyan Seniors Move into University’s New On-Campus Apartment Building

By Sarah Jonassen ’22

Ray Foster ’22 makes coffee in their Bradford Milligan Hall apartment. Ohio Wesleyan’s first on-campus student apartment complex, the building opened in August to help seniors prepare to live more independently after graduation. (Photo by Sarah Jonassen ’22)

Classics major Ray Foster ’22 is one of the first group of seniors to move into Ohio Wesleyan University’s new Bradford Milligan Hall. Built as part of OWU’s Residential Renewal initiative, it is the University's first on-campus apartment building and houses 124 students.

Foster is excited for the chance to connect with other Ohio Wesleyan seniors while managing the stress of finishing classes and applying to graduate school.

“Graduation is exciting, but it’s also scary,” said Foster, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio. “I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life, but I’m grateful for the chance to connect with my peers and make the most of my time here. Having a dorm with only seniors means everyone here understands what I’m going through.”

Foster also appreciates the more independent setting of the apartments. “The setup is much closer to how I’ll be living once I graduate,” they said. “I enjoy having my own space to work and relax while still being close to campus life.”

Bradford Milligan Hall contains light-filled common spaces as well as apartments with full kitchens, two full bathrooms, and spacious living rooms. The building also includes a shared laundry room and the Bishop Market, a first-floor convenience store. (Photo by Paul Vernon)

‘A More Independent Living Environment’

The 46,500-square-foot building includes several community spaces, a convenience store, and 22 apartments capable of housing four, six, or eight students each. Each of the furnished apartments also includes spacious rooms, private bathrooms, a large living room, and a kitchen.

Director of Residential Life Brian Emerick said the new building was designed with input from student focus groups aiming to improve campus living.

“It became clear that older students wanted a more independent living environment,” Emerick said. “We constructed the building with the concept of apartments while still offering the traditional support of a college campus.”

‘A Great Place for Students’ 

Finn Jackson ’22 of Phoenix, Arizona, was one of the first students to move into the new building. He shared his excitement over a place for seniors to build community during their final semesters.

“I love the modern atmosphere and the proximity to the other dorms,” Jackson said. “It’s awesome being able to stay in a brand new building and make connections with other seniors.”

He also appreciates the increased space. “In my eight-person suite, we have a big common room and a large kitchen. It’s super cool!” he said. “It’s an interesting building and a great place for students to spend their last year.”

A ‘Taste’ of Life after College 

Aaron Eicher ’22 of West Salem, Ohio, also is excited for the freedom and more independent setting of the building.

“One really cool thing about the new apartments is the independence you have in them,” Eicher said. “They have a different layout from your typical dorm. It almost makes you feel like you’re not even on campus anymore. It’s a taste of the next steps after college.”

Getting Things Cooking 

Bradford Milligan Hall hosts the Bishop Market, a convenience store located on the first floor where OWU students can purchase groceries and other items. It is operated by OWU’s food-service provider, AVI Fresh, which is working with the University to enable apartment-dwellers to use their food plans to order fresh produce and other cooking needs for in-store pick up.

The new plans are intended to give the apartment residents more opportunities to plan and cook for themselves.

“The plans offer a certain number of dining hall meals and more dining dollars per semester,” Emerick said. “The Bishop Market will also have prepared meal kits with recipe cards and ingredients to make it easy for students to cook.”

Bradford Milligan Hall provides an eye-catching entrance to Ohio Wesleyan’s residential campus. As fall semester, two-thirds of OWU students are living in campus housing that is new or fully renovated within the past 10 years. (Photo by Paul Vernon)

OWU’s Residential Renewal

Including Bradford Milligan Hall, Ohio Wesleyan has invested more than $50 million in its Residential Renewal initiative over the past two years.

Additional projects include the transformation of Smith Hall into a living and learning community designed to help first-year students make connections and persist to graduation. The fully renovated building reopened this fall.

As fall semester opens, two-thirds of OWU students are living in halls or houses that are new or fully renovated within the past decade.

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