Make The Connection

July 26, 2023 | By Cole Hatcher

Career Take-Off

Ohio Wesleyan Senior Interns at United Airlines in Chicago

Ohio Wesleyan student Sisi Fish ’24 poses inside a mock plane engine. The popular photo spot is located in the Willis Tower skyscraper in Chicago, where Fish is completing a summer internship with United Airlines. (Photo courtesy of Sisi Fish ’24)

Name: Sisi Fish ’24
Hometown: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
High School: Sheboygan North High School
Major: Communication
Minor: Fine Arts
OWU Connection Experience: 10-week corporate communication internship at United Airlines in Chicago

“I initially applied to this internship because the job description aligned with my career goals and personal interests,” Fish says. “It was definitely one of the top choices out of all the internships I applied for, so when I got the offer call, I said yes right away. I also chose this internship because I liked the networking that would come with interning for a large, well-known corporation.”

My Job Duties

“I’m on the Advertising and Social Media team in the Corporate Communication Department. So far, I’ve done a lot of miscellaneous tasks/projects but also have been sitting in on a lot of meetings and scheduling coffee chats with people within the department. Some projects I’m currently working on are designing stickers for Instagram stories, creating an Influencer Brief template, and assisting with the second-quarter social media analytics report.”

My Favorite Moment

“My favorite moment of this experience has been being able to fly for free on standby. So far, I’ve traveled to Ireland, Cancun, Montreal, and Playa del Carmen. Workwise, I’ve enjoyed getting to meet people from different aspects of the communication field and get a better idea of what I can do with my major.”

I’ve enjoyed getting to meet people from different aspects of the communication field and get a better idea of what I can do with my major.

Sisi Fish ’24

Lessons Learned

“I’ve learned that standby travel is not for the weak. You need to be patient and have flexibility if you’re traveling anywhere, especially during the summer when everyone else is vacationing.

“This experience has also allowed me to learn the importance of networking. A lot of times having a large network can be what helps you get a job or an internship.”

My Campus Involvement

“I am in Kappa Kappa Gamma and have a part-time job.”

Why I Chose Ohio Wesleyan?

“I chose Ohio Wesleyan because of the financial aid.”

My Plans After Graduation

“My plan after graduation is to either apply to work at United Airlines or work at a communication agency, then transition to United Airlines after a couple of years. Regardless, United Airlines is the end goal. I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far and can see myself working here long term.”