Make The Connection

November 17, 2020

Communication, Relationships, Trust

Ohio Wesleyan Senior’s Internship Helping to Build Marketing Skills

By Cole Hatcher

Madison Bridger ’21

Name: Madison Bridger ’21
Hometown: Pataskala, Ohio
Major: Business Administration (Marketing Concentration)
Minor: Coaching
OWU Connection Experience: Internship with Endo Marketing Group, LLC

Bridger began interning with the Delaware, Ohio-based company early in the year and has continued throughout the summer and fall. The internship began remotely, but currently is a mixture of in-person and virtual work.

Endo describes itself as a “processed based commercial development matching sales, marketing and supply chain in a way that creates an efficient, sustainable and scalable commercial business model.”

My Job Duties

“We run a lot of LinkedIn campaigns through certain softwares, so I am in charge of setting those up with our clients, as well as consistently checking to see if people are responding, and then ensuring our clients respond back.

“Whenever a product needs shipped to a consumer, I am in charge of packaging and ensuring all labels are correct and then sending it out. I do a bunch of little stuff to help along the way as well, but those are my main duties.” 

My Favorite Moments

“The connections I have made. Earlier on in the spring, we had weekly virtual ‘happy hours’ where my boss, Robert Holmes, my coworker, and I usually hosted a couple other people that my boss knows through Zoom. It was a really cool experience that was relaxed, but I was also given a lot of advice in those hour-long hangouts.” 

Lessons Learned

“While I have learned about some back-end stuff and software, I think that I’ve mostly learned more about basic skills that are really needed to be in the business world.

“There’s a lot of communication that has to happen and relationships that have to be made to build the trust needed, especially for a small business like Endo.

“Since Endo is small and entrepreneurial, I have also learned what it is like on this side of business rather than corporate, so I think it will help my decision later on when picking a job after I graduate.”

Why I Chose Ohio Wesleyan

“I chose Ohio Wesleyan simply because it was home. I have played softball since I was 7 years old, and when I was 8, I started attending hitting lessons with (OWU) Coach Cassie Cunningham. As soon as I stepped foot into Gordon Field House, I knew there was no other place for me.”

My Plans after Graduation

“Nothing is concrete yet, but I do plan on getting a job in either marketing or advertising.”