‘Democracy in the Shadow of Foreign Meddling’

Ohio Wesleyan to Host Political Scientist Joshua Rovner in Oct. 6 Zoom Lecture

By Cole Hatcher

Joshua Rovner, Ph.D.

DELAWARE, Ohio – Political Scientist and professor Joshua Rovner says the United States needs to take action to protect itself from foreign manipulation and restore confidence in the electoral process.

Rovner, Ph.D., will share his thoughts when he presents “Democracy in the Shadow of Foreign Meddling” at 7 p.m. Oct. 6 via an online Zoom lecture. Reservations are required at owu.edu/EddyLecture.

“Recognizing the limits of cyberspace deterrence does not mean the United States should remain passive in the face of cyberspace meddling,” Rovner states in a recent “War on the Rocks” column. “On the contrary, there are important steps it can take to protect democratic institutions from foreign manipulation while restoring public faith in the integrity of the vote.”

Rovner is an associate professor at the School of International Service at American University. He specializes in intelligence, strategy, and U.S. foreign policy.

His books include “Fixing the Facts: National Security and the Politics of Intelligence,” winner of the International Studies Association’s best book award for security studies and the Edgar S. Furniss Book Award. It explores the interaction among intelligence, politics, and security.

In addition to his books, Rovner is the managing editor of H-Diplo’s International Security Studies Forum, deputy editor of The Journal of Strategic Studies, and writes a monthly column for “War on the Rocks,” a web magazine dedicated to foreign policy and national security issues.

He previously held the John Goodwin Tower Distinguished Chair in International Politics and National Security at Southern Methodist University and taught at both the U.S. Naval War College and Columbia University. In 2018 and 2019, he served as the scholar-in-residence at the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command. Rovner obtained his doctorate in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Rovner’s Ohio Wesleyan presentation represents the university’s 31st Annual John Kennard Eddy Memorial Lecture on World Politics. The lecture honors the life of student “Jeff” Eddy, killed in an automobile accident in 1988. The event is sponsored by the OWU International Studies Program and the Department of Politics and Government. Learn more at owu.edu/internationalstudies and owu.edu/politics.

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