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April 27, 2016 | By Ohio Wesleyan University

Ken Schlinger ’78 (left) and Scott Bedson ’81

OWU Alumni Celebrate 30 Years in Business Together

Ken Schlinger ’78 (left) and Scott Bedson ’81 never met during their time at OWU—but after connecting post-graduation, they built a career together that would last a lifetime. After each receiving their physical therapy degrees, the duo opened ProFitness Physical Therapy in 1986 and are now celebrating their 30th anniversary, with two locations in New York City and Brooklyn.

The business partners say compromise and willingness to listen openly to each other has been central to their successful practice over the decades. “Respect for each other and each other’s beliefs has facilitated our long friendship, and that too plays a role in our successful business,” Ken says.

Their milestone anniversary gives them a chance to pause and celebrate how far they have come together. “Helping people is at the root of what we do day to day,” Scott says. “However, it is also rewarding to create something bigger than the two of us—the ProFitness Physical Therapy brand. This brand now represents quality healthcare in a world where quality keeps getting squandered for the bottom line. Keeping this focus for almost one-third of a century means a lot to both of us.”