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OWU Libraries Celebrate Student, Faculty Scholarship

April 24, 2014 – by Mariah Gese ’14

The Libraries’ Celebration of Scholarship recognized OWU faculty members who published during the 2013-2014 academic year. (Photo by Matt Wasserman ’14)

Eighteen OWU students were recognized at the recent Celebration of Scholarship for the caliber of their research papers. The annual academic recognition is sponsored by the OWU Libraries. (Photo by Matt Wasserman ’14)

Ohio Wesleyan University students and faculty gathered in the Bayley Room of Beeghly Library April 18 to participate in the OWU Libraries’ 11th annual Celebration of Scholarship.

Besides appreciating an opportunity to acknowledge this year’s published faculty and talk with them about their projects, students were eager to learn the results of the Libraries’ Research Paper Award. This award, granted every year to a graduating senior, celebrates an original research paper produced during a student’s career at Ohio Wesleyan.

To underscore the significance of this achievement, the recipient is given a plaque and $500. Also enticing is the opportunity to have a paper kept in the Library archives, an honor that encouraged many seniors to enter their work.

Eighteen students were recognized for papers at the celebration, covering an impressive array of topics and demonstrating thorough intellectual investigation of the kind that is nurtured at Ohio Wesleyan.

Criteria established for determining a worthy paper were excellent use of sources, a clear and engaging prose style, and the willingness of a student to pick a challenging topic and accomplish significant, insightful research.

The panel of judges included members of faculty and librarians, with Director of Libraries Catherine Cardwell, serving ex officio. All students who presented papers for consideration were recognized for their admirable work by Cardwell.

Matthew Jamison ’14 earned second place and Carolyn Thompson ’14 took the 2014 Research Paper Award in recognition of their exceptional scholarship. (Photo by Matt Wasserman ’14)

In her welcoming address, she mentioned the diversity of paper topics and the judges’ difficulty in selecting the winner and second-place finisher.

The Research Paper Award went to Carolyn Thompson ’14, for her paper, The Murder of Maria Elena Moyano: How Sendero Luminoso’s Brutal War on Civilian Social Programs Triggered its Own Destabilization. Thompson received praise for her impressive use of sources and challenging research topic.

Second prize was awarded to Matthew Jamison ’14, for his paper “There’s No Business Like Show Business”: Male Sex Workers Performing Power and Control, and was awarded $250 as well as a place in the archives. Jamison’s paper was applauded for approaching a bold topic in a thought-provoking way that expands and challenges existing scholarship.

Over 40 OWU faculty members also were honored for their scholarly achievements. From scientific articles to collections of poetry, faculty and staff authors showcased work published during the 2013-2014 academic year. The publications demonstrated the remarkable breadth of fields in which Ohio Wesleyan faculty can claim excellence.

Cardwell congratulated the recognized faculty and noted their dedication to their work and their students’ success. See the Celebration of Scholarship bibliography of the faculty and staff 2013-2014 publications.

The Libraries’ Celebration of Scholarship recognized OWU faculty members who published during the 2013-2014 academic year. (Photo by Matt Wasserman ’14)

The Celebration created an environment of academic motivation, one that students and faculty alike undoubtedly hope will linger for upcoming exams.