A big hello welcomes Delaware delegates, including OWU Provost Chuck Stinemetz (fourth from left), to Sakata, Japan. The two communities signed a sister-city agreement during the spring trip. (Photo courtesy of the City of Delaware)

Signing Bonus

By Cole Hatcher

Provost’s Japan Trip Yields Collaboration with Koeki University

More than one collaboration agreement was signed this spring when a City of Delaware delegation – including Ohio Wesleyan University Provost Chuck Stinemetz – visited Sakata, Japan.

While city representatives signed a sister-city agreement with their Sakata counterparts, Stinemetz signed a memorandum of understanding with Koeki University (The Tohoku University of Community Service and Science), a private college founded in 2001 and featuring a graduate program, doctoral program, and research institute.

“Our principle goal for the trip was to learn more about the City of Sakata and how we might further interact through both hosting cultural events and exchanging students and faculty,” Stinemetz says of OWU’s involvement.

“Having the sister-city status will help the University increase opportunities for Japanese study, provide a conduit for arranging more Japanese cultural events on campus, and allow us to further develop ties with Japanese-owned businesses in Central Ohio,” Stinemetz says.

Presenting the Bishop to Sakata Officials
Provost Chuck Stinemetz presents a Bishop to officials in Sakata during a recent visit. (Photo courtesy of the City of Delaware)


In addition, the ongoing local collaboration will allow OWU to continue to “enhance and strengthen our connections with the City of Delaware and the Delaware City Schools,” he says.

Along with finalizing the relationship with Koeki University, Stinemetz also was able to make contact with a number of groups interested in exploring cultural exchanges with the campus, including collaborations with the Richard M. Ross Art Museum.

Besides Stinemetz, the Delaware delegation included Mayor Carolyn Kay Riggle, City Manager Tom Homan, Delaware City Schools teacher Joanne Meyer, and businessman Jeffrey Sprague of Next Transport.