Feature Story


November 18, 2014 – by Ohio Wesleyan University

The Ohio Wesleyan University community took to Instagram to document the first significant snowfall of the season. Below is a small sampling:

Photo courtesy of Alpha Sigma Phi HousePhoto by Adriana Rodriguez ’18Photo by Olivia Derr ’18Photo by Jessica Ellis ’17Photo by Gonzalo Berluzconi ’17Photo by ZoAnn Schutte ’15Photo by ZoAnn Schutte ’15Photo by Maddie Stuntz ’16Photo by Professor Karen PoremskiPhoto by Alaina Swearingen ’15Photo by Mileena Norman ’18Photo by Professor Chris FinkPhoto by Brandy Booth ’15Photo by Miranda Wilde ’17Photo by Alexis Blaylock ’15Photo by Shashank Sharma ’17Photo by Sarah Lucas ’16