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Study Abroad in London, England

January 23, 2015 – by Katie Nunner '15

Learn how OWU’s Course Connections, Travel-Learning Courses, Theory-to-Practice Grants, Study Abroad, and other opportunities prepare students for global citizenship and leadership and help them…Make the Connection.

Ohio Wesleyan student Sara Anne Schneider ’16 spent fall semester studying in Europe via the AIFS Program. She says the experience helped her to better understand the U.S. role and impact in a more global context. (Photo courtesy of Sara Anne Schneider ’16)

Sara Anne Schneider ’16

Name: Sara Anne Schneider ’16
Major: Journalism
Minor: Management
Hometown: Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Experience: Study Abroad in London, England. Fall Semester 2014

Lessons Learned:

“An experience such as studying abroad is incredibly important. By traveling to different places and experiencing a variety of cultures, you are able to develop a new perspective of the world we live in. … I was also able to understand the large role the United States plays in the world and the impact each decision made by the United States has on every other country.

“Another great advantage of studying in Europe is being able to travel to other countries in the EU. While in London, I had the chance to travel around Europe including Florence, Paris, Dublin, and Budapest.

“This was especially beneficial because students who live in Europe for a semester are able to visit each other. Eilish Donnell ’16 studied in Cork, Ireland, and visited me in London during our months abroad. …

“One of the greatest benefits I got out of studying abroad was the relationships I made with other students studying abroad. By experiencing these different places together, we became very close. Although these friends are from all over the United States, we still stay in touch.”