Theory-to-Practice Grant, ‘Sustainability in Asian Culture’

By Katie Nunner '15

Learn how OWU’s Course Connections, Travel-Learning Courses, Theory-to-Practice Grants, and other programs prepare students for global citizenship and leadership and help them…Make the Connection.

Megan Keppler ’16 (left)

Name: Megan Keppler ’16
Majors: Neuroscience, Pre-Medicine, Psychology
Minor: Chinese
Hometown: Strasburg, Ohio
Experience: Theory-to-Practice Grant, ‘Sustainability in Asian Culture: Learning How to Cultivate Cultural Awareness, Language Skills, and an Organic Eco-friendly Way of Living’

Lessons Learned:

“Conservation of our planet doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t matter what language you speak.

“The Taiwanese people recycle approximately 100% more than the average American does. There are a multitude of systems and processes that Americans could put in place, even if just in their own households, that would help preserve the world’s resources instead of going through them at the rate that we do.

“Conservation is such an easy thing to practice, and yet we can barely recycle a third of recyclable materials. It doesn’t matter what language(s) we speak, everyone still lives on the same planet, and we can all work together, learn from each other, on how to keep [the] planet healthy.”