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Travel-Learning Course, ‘Fallout on Fleet Street: Effects of Rupert Murdoch Scandal on British Press’

December 3, 2013 – by Katie Nunner '15

Marissa Alfano ’14

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OWU students Noah Manskar ’14, Brittany Vickers ’13, and Marissa Alfano ’14 learned about journalism in the United Kingdom as part of a 2013 Travel-Learning Course, ‘Fallout on Fleet Street: Effects of Rupert Murdoch Scandal on British Press.’ (Photo courtesy of Marissa Alfano ’14)

Marissa Alfano ’14

Name: Marissa Alfano ’14
Majors: Journalism and Politics & Government
Hometown: Brunswick, Ohio
Experience: Travel-Learning Course, May 2013: “Fallout on Fleet Street: Effects of Rupert Murdoch Scandal on British Press,” London, England

“For me, the Travel-Learning Course was more than just a class. It was my first time on a plane, my first time leaving the country, my first time experiencing a culture different than my own. I traveled with professors and students in my department whom I had grown to love and trust over the past three years. Having such a life-changing experience with a close-knit group interested in the same area of study as me is something I will never forget.

“I expected to learn about journalism from meeting with reporters who worked for The Guardian and the BBC. I did not expect to have the opportunity to watch a debate about a gay marriage bill in Parliament, to tour the Arsenal Soccer Team’s Emirates Stadium, nor to see a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theater. Being in London presented so many fantastic opportunities for my class to truly experience life in another country as well as to immerse ourselves in real world struggles that we had only previously read about in books.

“The Travel-Learning Course provoked me to think about both of my majors on a global scale, and it made the world a much smaller place. Experiences like these are important for students to have as our world is becoming more connected with each day that goes by and with each new technological advancement that occurs. Students will undoubtedly learn a great deal about the subject of their Travel-Learning Course, but they also will, maybe even more importantly, learn a great deal about themselves, the world, and their future place in it. My experience was perfect, and I will always remember how OWU made it possible for me to grow as a person through such a safe, fun, and educational structure.”