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Travel-Learning Course, ‘Shakespeare at the Globe’

November 5, 2013 – by Katie Nunner '15

Sarah Lucas ’16

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OWU students visited London, England, in May as part of a Travel-Learning course, ‘Shakespeare at the Globe.’

Sarah Lucas ’16

Name: Sarah Lucas ’16
Major/Minor: History and Classics/Ancient Studies
Hometown: Hinckley, Ohio
Experience: Travel-Learning Course, May 2013: “Shakespeare at the Globe” London, England

“Viewing three plays at the Globe was probably the peak of the whole trip. … We watched each play from a [different] part of the theatre (King Lear from the first story, the lower gallery; A Midsummer Night’s Dream from an upper gallery; and The Tempest in standing seats, as ‘groundlings.’

The Tempest was definitely my favorite of those three because it was there that I felt the theory-into-practice connection the strongest. We had spent an entire semester discussing how the poor would pay to get cheap standing seats around the stage …  and how that, in turn, affected the actors as they fed off the energy of the crowd. …

Watching The Tempest while actually leaning on the stage just made that whole concept click. Even though the view wasn’t always the best, being that close to the actors while they fed off our energy and sometimes even interacted with us … was just mind-blowing.”