Ohio Wesleyan uses the OWU ALERT emergency notification system to notify the campus community of urgent situations utilizing your choice of telephone, email, and/or text messaging.

Once an emergency is determined—such as severe weather—the University will send an OWU ALERT to all of your specified contact points. Students, faculty, staff, and contract employees with owu.edu email addresses may enroll in the system or update OWU ALERT contact information at any time using the myOWU gateway.

  1. Log into myOWU, click the “menu” option in the upper left-hand corner, click “Quick Links,” and then—based on your status—choose “OWU Alert Info” from either the “Student Links” or “Faculty and Staff Links” box.
  2. Complete the OWU ALERT form with your preferred email, telephone, and/or text-message contact points, and then click “Submit changes” to record your preferences.
    • Students, please note: If you enroll parents or guardians, only you are able to update their information or remove them.
  3. If your carrier requires an opt-in reply before you receive your first OWU ALERT text message, the response is Y OWU.

Contract personnel and others campus workers without owu.edu email accounts are encouraged to complete this downloadable enrollment form and submit it to the Information Services desk in the R.W. Corns Building to be enrolled in the OWU ALERT system.

Note: Any revisions made to your OWU ALERT data will affect only the OWU ALERT system. To update other University records, students should contact the Office of the Registrar, and employees should contact the Department of Human Resources.