Each of us in the OWU community has a great responsibility. If we follow campus guidelines and act with care and empathy, we can create a campus environment where OWU students, faculty, and staff can work, study, live, learn, and interact in ways that fulfill our educational mission and protect the health, safety, and well-being of us all.

Current Campus Requirements

Ohio Wesleyan students and employees are required to be vaccinated and, effective January 14, 2022, to receive booster immunization to protect the campus against new variants of the coronavirus.

To verify their original two COVID-19 vaccinations, students should use this link. To verify their booster vaccinations, students should use this link

Employees should update their COVID-19 vaccination records to include their booster dosage by uploading their vaccination cards into ADP by January 14 or within one week of their earliest date of eligibility. (After logging into ADP, click "Myself," "Employment," and "My Documents" to upload a vaccination card image.)

Students and employees may apply for an exemption from vaccination based on medical, disability, or religious reasons.

Currently, Ohio Wesleyan is operating under the following campus safety plans and protocols, which are subject to change at any time based on the latest public health information:

  • All campus guests (regardless of vaccination status) and all unvaccinated students and employees must wear facial coverings indoors at all times. This includes spectators at indoor sports events.
  • Everyone must wear facial coverings when indoors in public areas throughout campus, regardless of vaccination status. This includes community areas in residential halls, Hamilton-Williams Campus Center, academic buildings, athletic venues, campus offices, classrooms, laboratories, libraries, studios, and dining areas, such as The Marketplace and Bishop Café & Grille. In public dining areas, everyone should wear a mask except when actively eating or drinking.
  • When needing to be masked, everyone should wear medical (or higher quality) facial coverings that include a strap around the ears and fully cover the nose, mouth, and chin. One-ply “gaiters,” or neck coverings that are pulled up over the mouth and nose typically do not provide the same level of protection and should be avoided.
  • Students do not need to wear masks when in their private rooms. Effective spring semester 2022, all students must wear masks when in communal spaces of residential buildings, including common rooms and hallways, or when visiting in other students' rooms. Students also must wear masks when entering or leaving dining areas and when sitting at dining tables while not actively eating. Unvaccinated students should mask at all times, except in their private bedrooms. For now, no overnight visitors (non-students) are permitted.
  • While Delaware County remains designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCas an area of “substantial or high transmission,” the NCAA is mandating that all unvaccinated athletes be tested weekly for the coronavirus, and Ohio Wesleyan is testing all other unvaccinated students weekly as well. Results will be added each Monday to the online COVID-19 Testing Dashboard. Unvaccinated employees also are required to be tested weekly.

Please note: Ohio Wesleyan supports anyone’s decision to wear a mask in any setting on campus.

For more information, please read our Testing, Quarantine, and Isolation Protocols and our FAQs, or email covid19@owu.edu with questions.

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