Ohio Wesleyan requires COVID-19 vaccination for incoming students, just as we require vaccination against such illnesses and infections as measles, mumps, and polio. Complete vaccination requirements are outlined in the Immunization Record (PDF) administered by the OWU Student Health Center.

University employees also are required to be vaccinated and to receive booster immunization to help protect the campus against new variants of the coronavirus.

Currently, Ohio Wesleyan is not planning to test students when they come to campus for fall semester classes and is not mandating masks to be worn on campus by anyone, including visitors. Faculty members may require facial coverings in their individual classrooms. This protocol follows guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and input from the Delaware Public Health District.

Although facial coverings are not required, Ohio Wesleyan supports anyone’s decision to wear a mask in any setting on campus.

If you have questions or concerns about Ohio Wesleyan University’s Safe Campus Guide or about our current operations, please contact us at covid19@owu.edu.