With The OWU Connection, your learning will be broad - spanning across disciplines. And your education will be deep - it can include research with a faculty mentor.

Employers and graduate schools today want people who can make connections. The world's greatest challenges require analytical examination, innovative approaches, and interdisciplinary solutions. You will work closely with your professors to explore the connections that link the arts, sciences, and humanities in solving real-world challenges.

OWU helps you personalize your degree by combining majors, so students can graduate in business & dance, art & creative writing, psychology & zoology - some 4,000 possible combinations.

Explore new knowledge

You have the opportunity to connect one-on-one with faculty to pursue your research interests and create new knowledge. Students in every department dive into research projects and present their findings at the annual Student Symposium and at conferences across the country.

In the  Summer Science Research Program, students work in paid positions for 10 weeks, carrying out cutting-edge research alongside faculty mentors.


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Administrative Director of OWU Connection


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