About the Application Process

You can begin at OWU either in August (fall semester) or January (spring semester). Apply to OWU using either the Transfer Common Application* or the OWU Online Application*. If you are unable to apply using the online options please email owuadmit@owu.edu.

Application Deadlines

  • January 7 – Application deadline for spring semester (Term begins on January 17, 2024)
  • August 18  – Application deadline for fall semester (Term begins on August 21, 2024)

Required Materials

  • Application
  • Transfer applicants must submit college transcript(s) (from any institution attended).*  
  • Final High School Transcript (can be waived if student has earned at least 30 credit hours since graduating high school.)*

* When applying for admission, unofficial transcripts are acceptable.  However, transfer students who are admitted to OWU and who choose to enroll must submit official transcripts before enrolling. Official college transcripts are required in order to get an official credit evaluation. If you are unsure how to order college transcripts, search "transcript order" on the institution's website, or contact the Registrar's Office at that institution for guidance.