Are you a student enrolled at another college with questions about transferring to Ohio Wesleyan? Or maybe you're a high school student interested in OWU's transfer options and partnerships? Check out this list of FAQs. If you still need help, we're just an email or phone call away.

What GPA must I have to transfer to Ohio Wesleyan?

Ohio Wesleyan requires a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Will all my previous courses transfer for credit?

Courses will transfer if they meet these criteria:

  • Your previous college must be accredited by a regional accrediting organization.
  • Your performance in the course must have been satisfactory (C- or better).
  • The course must have been of a liberal arts nature and for which OWU offers an equivalent.

When you are admitted, the Office of Admission will complete a preliminary evaluation of the courses you took elsewhere, including the credit OWU will award for those courses and what OWU requirements the courses have fulfilled. The courses don’t have to have an exact equivalent, such as the same Ohio Wesleyan course title, to be transferable.

Will all my courses show up on my OWU transcript?

If you are admitted and make your enrollment deposit, the registrar will establish your official OWU record. Your transferred courses and grades will show on your transcript, but only your OWU course grades will count toward your official GPA. Graduation honors are also based only on the grades you earn at OWU.

OWU is on semesters, but my previous school was on quarters. How much credit do I get for those courses?

The Ohio Wesleyan academic program is conducted by semester, but credits are based on units rather than on semester hours. Most courses are worth one unit of credit; you’ll need a minimum of 34 credits to earn your degree. Some courses offer fractional credits; for example, science courses with a lab component are worth 1.25 credits.

At Ohio Wesleyan, a unit of credit is equivalent to 3.75 semester hours or 5.5 quarter hours. So a 3-hour semester course would be equivalent to .81 units and a 4-hour semester course would count as 1.07 units. Staff in the Office of the Registrar will be happy to work with you to create your new academic record.

Is it possible to defer my admission to Ohio Wesleyan?

Yes. If you need to defer, submit the $400 non-refundable enrollment deposit and indicate your intention to do so on your application.

Most of our bachelor’s degree programs can be entered in mid-year. If you intend to enter at that time, applications for spring admission are due December 1. For more information, please speak with your Admission Counselor.

Do you award scholarships to transfer students?

Transfer students are eligible for the same merit and need-based aid as those applying for first-year admission. We suggest that you file a FAFSA form annually, regardless of your financial circumstances.

However, if you are applying for aid under the Veterans Administration G.I. Bill, you must:

  • Qualify by submitting an application to the Veterans Administration (please allow 2-3 months for approval).
  • Upon approval, contact the Ohio Wesleyan Registrar, who certified the enrollment documentation.

The amount you are awarded by the Veterans Administration will be deducted from your OWU bill.

What information does OWU require in addition to the application?

Completing the Transfer Common Application or the OWU Online Application provides OWU with the information needed to process your app. The contacts you provide from the institution you wish to transfer from will automatically be asked to send your college transcript, high school transcript, transfer report, and professor's evaluation. If there are exceptional circumstances and OWU needs any additional information our transfer office will contact you.

Where will I live?

Living in an on-campus residential learning community is an integral part of the Ohio Wesleyan University educational experience. As a residential university, we require full-time enrolled students to live on campus unless they meet one of the following criteria of exception:

  1. You live with your parents or legal guardians at their primary place of residence in Delaware County;
  2. You are 23 years of age or older during the academic year for which an exception is requested;
  3. You are a fifth-year senior;
  4. You are legally married (must provide documentation);
  5. You are the parent of a dependent child or children;
  6. You have a medical or psychological condition that cannot be accommodated by the University. Ohio Wesleyan University is committed to making accommodations in our residences for medical or psychological conditions that have been diagnosed by a licensed health care provider. These accommodations are made in consultation with University personnel including representatives from Student Health Services, Counseling Services, and the Academic Resource Center. In rare circumstances when the University is unable to make accommodations as determined by these university personnel, you will be granted an exception.